The word “list” may not be new to you if you are into internet marketing or have little knowledge about it. In most cases, when it is mentioned, what comes to the mind of many is email marketing. You might have heard from people or have been encouraged to build a list that money is in the list. The desire to find out more is there but in most cases, you don’t understand how it works not to talk about how to use it to sell your digital products like an ebook, video tutorials, song, and the rest. If you are confused about the whole thing, you are not alone. In this article, you will understand better what list, campaign, autoresponder, lead generation, and more are. You will also learn how to use the F4L autoresponder to achieve your selling goals. Check out our cloud-based software from our website to know more about us. Now, let us start with what an offer is.

What is an offer?

This is meant to be the first thing you should be aware of when it comes to an autoresponder, campaign, and email marketing. An offer is a product or service you are providing for your audience.  It can be a digital product such as ebooks, videos, audio, webinar, etc. An offer made available to the audience can be free or not. It is mostly free when you want to start building your list. You can provide this offer using your social media and network platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. An offer must be an enticing product to get people joining your list against future patronage. If an offer must be enticing, you should use a graphics image to describe it other than using text when promoting it. Graphics are more attractive and tend to increase the curiosity of your audience or viewers into taking action. So, decide on the product or offer you want to use to attract people to your list and have a graphics representation ready. What else?

Steps Involved after Deciding on the Offer

When you are done deciding on the product you want to use to entice people to your autoresponder list and campaign and designing the graphics of your offer or product, it is time to get the internal processes ready using our F4L software. The internal processes to get started with the F4L system in the autoresponder list and campaign include:

building-a-list 1.    Create a list

A lead generation is when you create a list. This list can be created using our F4L autoresponder. It is through this list that a form will be created for your audience to enter their email and name to access the product you are offering them. This form is automatically created when the link to get the product is clicked on.

2.    Create or generate an email sequence

These are automatic ready emails to be sent to people who downloaded the product you offered. The email sequence often begins with a welcome note and the link to download the product that is offered.

3.    Create a card

A card can be created using our F4L software with one of the products you are promoting or using as a lead generator. It should be a free offer. A click button to get an offer should be on the button of the card.

4.    Offer form

When your audience has clicked on this button on the card, a form will come up. They are to fill in their details such as name and email address and can also subscribe to your newsletter. On clicking the submit button on the form, they will be automatically added to the list you have created already.

5.    Sending of the email sequence

Immediately they have been added to the list, the F4L software will now be sending out the email sequence that has already been created to them with a link to download the product you offered and a welcome note. It is from this stage that another email sequence begins which you have created already.

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder uses a list to gain people to send promotional, business tools, and other free products like ebooks, videos, webinars, etc. From the list people joined after filling the form as explained above, the F4L autoresponder system automatically sends on the first day a welcome email with the free product link for download. On the 3rd day, the F4L autoresponder will send another message to the list, that is the list of emails with another free product. This is to retain their interest. Another email is automatically sent on day 5 with yet another free product for the same purpose of keeping their interest intact. On the day 7 and 9, the F4L autoresponder will automatically send another email all with the links to download the products. These emails as stated before are already in sequence. So, it is automatic from day 1 to the 9th day. Remember, don’t put your emails in sequence every day to avoid being considered spam. The days should be split. Maybe after a day or two before the next email is sent.

After the 9th day, stop the automatic sending of email and start sending weekly. Thus, move to a campaign. So, let’s see what a campaign is and the difference between an autoresponder and a campaign.

What is a campaign?

A campaign can simply be defined as sending a newsletter. It could be created manually and sent immediately when you want, or using a timer. You can send news, updates, promotional materials, and the rest. You can start sending these aforementioned resources a week after the ninth day of your autoresponder. It is of paramount importance to know that it must not be on the 9th day that you should stop using autoresponder but it is advisable you don’t exceed the 9th day. This will save you from being regarded as spam. So, in week one of your campaign, you can send news, promotional materials. In week two, you can decide to send a newsletter about your services and products. You can add the things you will do in the future. Attaching a freebie for them to download is advisable too. On the 3rd and 4th days, you can repeat what you did on the 2nd week again.

This could continue weekly if you want to stop when your goal is achieved.

The difference between autoresponder and campaign

A campaign is more like a newsletter while an autoresponder is once they sign up to your list is done, it will start sending an automatic email with whatever content you want in them. This is achieved through email sequence creation. It is advisable not to go past the ninth day with an autoresponder. After the ninth day, you can start sending in messages weekly. Then, go over to the campaigns and do the newsletter that you can control weekly or monthly. Never do it daily to avoid being tagged spam.



An autoresponder and campaign are means one can use to sell his product, market bid services to people who are on his list. A business owner, entrepreneur, realtor, or consultant needs to first attract people from social network platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others to sign up to their list using a free product or offer. On signing in with their names and email address, they will be added automatically to a list and a link to download the free product with a welcome note would be sent to them. The F4L autoresponder will now start sending them messages automatically from a ready-created email sequence with other free products such as ebooks, video, or access to a webinar to increase and keep their interest. This will now be replaced with a campaign where the list will now start receiving newsletters weekly or monthly.

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