Digital business card virtual check in check out system


F4L VIRTUAL CHECK IN CHECK OUT SYSTEM “Paperless” Solution that works for ANY company small or large.

Brought to you by F4L.

Check in Check out is great for any store, business, bars, shops, hospitals and more.

Track Patients, Visitors, Staff, Log-in activity, Timesheets/Payroll/Hours.

No more visitors waiting in reception, no more paperwork, no more signatures to fill out, no more disgruntled customers/visitors period!

ONE simple form after scanning QR code for visitors to fill in.

Shows arrival time, notifies who they are visiting and flashes “WAITING” on the main control screen and who they are visiting.

Easy to use admin panels for all aspects of Virtual Check ins and virtual check outs, easy to add staff, managers, other admins & locations.

Simple POINT & CLICK control/monitor screen, staff can see who is waiting, time they arrived, how long they’ve been waiting.

Staff can then click “BEING SEEN” which records the time and posts it on the MAIN control screen.

An intuitive HISTORY tab is available to check back on all visitors, times and date stamps.

STAFF/EMPLOYEES hours (Timesheets/Work rota) can be viewed/searched for each employee plus can be downoaded/saved in CSV (Excel) format.

It even calculates total  hours after using date to and from search parameters to accurately staff/employee hours INCLUDING BREAKS!

Goes hand in hand with the amazing standalone Virtual Q System.

100% Cloud based system

Easy for VISITOR and STAFF/EMPLOYEES to follow and use.

Virtual check in check out software enables customers and visitors to feel at ease and gives your staff full control of their visitors.


EDITABLE, PRINTABLE QR code cards for ease of use for both VISITORS and STAFF.

Additionally with our virtual check in check out software you can even add your company name and logo!

virtual check in check out software qr codes

Check IN Check OUT Admin screen, MAIN monitor control, complete searchable history panel and STAFF HOURS search and download with AUTO TOTALS!

virtual check in and check out software control screens

Activate on any of your digital business or personal cards is easy, CLICK, CHOOSE, SAVE, DONE!

Add the system to any digital business card