Every business person is looking for the easiest way to bring his product to the audience. They want a way people can be added to their list easily without having to follow one method. While it is good to share your email list link to people to join, it is also good to add your email list link to a business or personal card. One of the ways to bring products closer to potential customers and to retain them is to attach your email marketing link or autoresponder and campaign mail to your card. It is easy to achieve this using software such as the F4L digital card system. The F4L digital cards system is a cloud-based software that doesn’t require you to download any other application for it to work. All it takes for you to have your list and the subscribers form on your card is easy and we will be discussing it in this article. First and foremost, you need to know that the form your enticed subscribers will enter their details to download your free digital product as well as join your list is automatically created from your list. With this, don’t worry about how to create the form. Also, make sure your list, autoresponder, and campaign are in order and aligned with each other as well as the same niche. You don’t want to have your list receiving messages on bodybuilding whereas the form they filled is displaying information on loans and investments. If you have your autoresponder, list, and campaign ready and looking for the way to achieve this, then read on.

Adding of Subscribers Form to a card

Before anything else, you must first have the digital product that you are giving out free to people attached to your card. The digital product is meant to be in the same niche as that of your autoresponder and campaign. When a freebie is attached to a digital card, you will see a button below the card. When the button is clicked, it will take the user to a form. It is on this form that the digital card user will fill in his name and email address before clicking on the send button.

The Outcomes after filling a subscriber form a Digital Card

When the send button is clicked on the digital card, there are two possible outcomes. The first outcome the user will see is the thank you page after and added to the list automatically. The list has been created from the beginning before the autoresponder. You can view your list button at the right-hand side of the autoresponder menu bar. When you click on the list bar, you will see all the lists you have created before. On the first outcome page, two buttons will come out. One is the download button for the free digital product that is attached to the card and the second button is the go back to the card button.

The second outcome after clicking on the form is the thank you page where the users are told mail is successfully sent and they should check their email to download. They will also be asked to wait so that page can refresh. After refreshing, the user is taken back to the card.

These aforementioned are the two outcomes of what you can do with the form.

How to Add the Subscribing form to the card

Now, the question you might have is how to add these two outcomes mentioned and discussed above to your card. The other question you might want to ask is how do we get the freebie button on the card to show the form and how do we create the thank you page for downloading immediately or returning to the card or create the form page thank you which says you are redirected to the card.

It is of paramount importance to remember before we discuss how to add the form and to generate the two outcomes that freebies are accessed when you first login into our website on www.f4l.me, going to the menu bar, then to my tools tab. Clicking on my tools tab will open a drop-down menu, scrolling down to the freebies giveaway. A new page will now open showing you different niches under the category. When a niche, for example, bodybuilding is selected, it opens every free bodybuilding digital product, that is ebooks. Right-clicking on the image of the digital product will open a dialog box where you can choose where to save the image.

With this in mind, follow the following steps to add the form and two outcomes:

  • Go to the menu bar
  • Locate the tab known as my cards and click on it.
  • A new page will open where you will see the card to add the form, images, download button, and others on your right-hand side.
  • You will also see three tabs namely the basic info tab, social tab, and personal tab.
  • Click on the basic info tab.
  • Scroll down to the buttons with the text content “custom context text button bar” and “button bar text + function”. It is with these two buttons that we will use mostly to achieve our target which is to subscribers form on the card.
  • Click on the button bar text function and select the custom text +form (that is the text that will appear below the free digital product image (freebie) on the download button.
  • Then, scroll down to the custom context text button bar and enter the text you want to appear on the download button on your card. That is, below the freebie image.
  • Go to the select subject button to select the list you want. The list you are selecting must be related to the freebie and its image you will select too. When you click on this button, it will open up a drop-down list where you will see lists you have created before. Select the list you are working with.
  • As earlier stated, there are two outcomes of the card after the form has been filled by the user. While one outcome will show you two buttons (download freebie button immediately and go back to card button), the other will redirect you to the email to download the free digital product and ask you to wait a bit so that it can refresh and take you back to the card.
  • At the download URL still under the basic info tab, you are to paste the URL of the website the freebie is gotten from. To get the URL is simple. Just go to the menu bar, click on my tools tab and select the freebies giveaway option from the drop-down menu that appears. A page will appear where you will see different niches under the category. Click on the niche of freebie you are using. Scroll down on the new page that comes up to the ebook you want. You can click on the image of the free digital product or the title. It will take you to the freebie information page with its title name as the heading. Below the title name is a download link text that you can right-click on with your mouse and copy the link address. To check if the link is functional, click on the download link text. It will open up to the freebie and from the address box on the top, you can copy the link.
  • Then, go back to my card page and scroll down to the download URL button where you paste the link you copied.
  • Click on the save button.

The steps explained above will give users of the digital card the first outcome after filling the form. That is, where the user will see two buttons, one for downloading the freebie and the other to return the user to the card.

To get the user of the digital card to the second outcome where they are redirected to email after filling the form, follow the following steps:

  • Go back to the menu bar and click on my cards tab.
  • Under the basic info tab, scroll down to the download URL tab, and instead of pasting the free digital product link, leave it empty. If there is any link on it already, delete it.
  • Go up to the button bar text + function and select the custom text + form option from the drop-down list where you will see other options such as the call me button, call us button, etc.
  • Then go to the custom text button tab below it and enter what you want to be on the button of your image on the card.
  • Go to the select subject tab. When you click on it, you will see all the lists you have created. Select the list you want your potential subscribers to enter after downloading the free digital product.
  • Click on the save changes button to save.

Once users now go back to the card and click on the button below the image, it will take them to the form where they are to enter their name and email address. After they are done entering their name and email address on clicking send, it will now skip the page that displays two buttons (instant download and go back to card) and go to the page where they will now be redirected to go back to the email. It will also show the users that they have successfully entered the details and should check their spam folders to download the freebies and to wait a bit. After the page refreshes, it will redirect users back to the card.

However, it is better to leave the second option in adding subscribers form and use the first option where users can download the free digital product directly and immediately. This will help users to take immediate download action than being referred back to their email. This is not only faster but also easier. Always remember, subscribers, want things to be easy for them. Despite all that has been discussed, you can make your decision and start now to use our F4L digital cards system for your email building and promotional materials advertising. It is easy and simple to use. Always visit our website on www.f4l.me to get more information.


Final Verdict

The benefits of attaching subscribers form for your business list are many. It brings your desire to add people to your list closer to people who use digital cards often. Before you add a subscriber form to a card, you need to make sure your list, autoresponder, and campaign are all aligned together and working effectively. There are two outcomes when a card user makes use of a digital card to download the free digital product you want to use to entice him to join your list. The first outcome will bring out a page where he can download the freebie immediately with another button where he can choose to return to the card. Also, depending on how you set the subscriber’s form, it will bring the user to a page that has no download button but one that redirects the user to go to his email to download the free digital product. While you have the choice to make on the one you want, it is advisable you go with the outcome that supports immediate download of the freebie.

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Adding subscribers form to digital cards is very possible and it has its benefits. It is easy to achieve this using the F4L digital card system. You can achieve this in a few clicks. Build your business email list faster using our cloud-based software and see your business growth increasing daily. 

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