Things are no more the ways they used to be before. We now live in a time where our movement is a bit limited. This is as a result of the deadly covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses have been affected and because of this, the government has instituted a regulation to stop or reduce the spread of the coronavirus. To be able to do business, the government has made it mandatory for every business to collect visitors’ data, casual staff, employees, departments, etc. There is always a penalty when you disobey the government’s covid-19 regulations. In a case like this, what do you do?

As a business owner, you should be looking out for software that will help you record the data of those just mentioned as manual recording of data, sorting, and searching are impossible. If at all it is possible, you might spend days or weeks doing so.

To make this easy for every business, we developed software known as F4L track and trace software.


The F4L Track and Trace System

The F4L tracking system is a completely free cloud-based software that is designed to make collecting your company’s staff and visitors’ data easier and faster. As cloud-based software, you don’t need any application or other software to use it. It is easy to use and also to set up. Our software solved the limitations of our software as we are interested to boost your business activities even in this covid-19 global pandemic era. We added lots of features that we will discuss next to this track and trace software to make your business activities easier.

Features of the F4L Track and Trace Systems

Some of the features of our track and trace software include:

  • It uses cloud-based technology.
  • Easy to use and to set up.
  • It can be used with a laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.
  • Easy recording and searching. Search can be done with date, name, or department.
  • Supports every digital card.
  • Data is secured as the system deletes every information after 21 days.

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Benefits of F4L Track and Trace Systems

There are lots of benefits you get by adopting our free track and trace software into your business. Some of the benefits include:


Enhances Productivity

If there is anything a business needs, it is to finish a task on time. When the public officer visits your business establishment to have a look at your data and you can’t provide it fast, it will affect every other sector of your business. With our software, recording, and searching of data would be done very fast. This will give you time to focus on other business activities of the day.

Easy Data Capture

To fulfill the test and trace obligations given by the NHS, every business must capture data incoming visitors as well as the employee. Trying to capture the data manually is not only slow but will increase the spread of covid-19 as the social distancing rule will be breached. With our software, it is easy for every business to achieve this. All a visitor or staff need to do is to visit our website, click on either the visitor or staff button and submit his details. It is easy and fast.

Storage and Security

You will lose your business customers if their details are not secured. Our app is designed to accept your details in our database when you submit immediately. It also stores your details only for 21 days. Your information will not be used for any other purposes. With our tracking trace software, your staff and visitors’ information is safe.

Peace of Mind

A happy customer is one that will come back to buy your products and services. With our track and trace software, you are giving your business customers peace of mind. You are doing this by assuring them that you value their health and privacy of personal information. When a customer walks in and sees that there is no queue for capturing data as regulated by the government but capturing can be done with their tablets and mobile phones while observing social distance. This will make them rate your high and recommend you to others.

Final Thought

Don’t allow the covid-19 to stop you from your business activities. Instead of staying every day at home, you can adopt our F4L track and trace software to help you meet the NHS covid-19 regulations. It is software that you can use easily to boost your business growth this period through easy capturing of visitors and staff data.

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The government has made it mandatory for every business to have the data of their visitors and employees. Capturing this data manually will certainly be a stressful exercise. Use our F4L track and trace software to solve this problem and have time for your other business activities. 

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