All thanks to the regular innovation in the world of technology, new products are designed and developed to make life easier and better. Almost every field in life has at least one new product designed every year to foster production in service. This is also seen in the hospitality field. Hotels, casinos, bars, terraces, clubs, and other food and drink hospitality structures are looking for ways to improve their services to customers to increase their profits. Of course, when the customers are served right, profits increase. One of the technologies designed with the customers, hospitality staff, and management in mind is the virtual call waiter software. There are growing questions on the importance of call waiter software and why it should be adopted. 

We will look at the benefits of call waiter software in this article but before that, let’s know what call waiter software is. 


What is a Virtual Call Waiter Software?

Previously and presently, once a customer enters a bar or restaurant, he walks over to the food and drinks counter to order food. The customer can also sit down on the chair and call or wave to the waiter to make his meal order. His hand’s gesticulation or call will prompt the waiter to come over to know what he wants. This has been the normal way till the innovation of a virtual call waiter software. 


A virtual call waiter software is a system that makes the works of the waiter, kitchen staff, and the hospitality sector manager easier. From the word “virtual” which means online, this system allows a customer to call the attention of a waiter without having to go over the counter or wave his hand. The kitchen staff on the other hand notify the waiter when the food is ready to be served. This shows that call waiter benefits are not only for customers but also for the kitchen staff and managers. As you read on, you will see the importance of the call waiter system to customers, kitchen staff, and the management. You will understand better the benefits of the call waiter system as read about our virtual call waiter software. 

F4L Virtual Call Waiter Software

Unlike some other virtual call waiter software, you can use our call waiter without downloading any applications. You do not need to install anything too before making use of it. Our call waiter software was designed using cloud-based technology. It is easy to use and the steps are simple. Before we proceed to the benefits of our virtual call waiter software, visit for more additional information. 

Benefits of F4L Virtual Call Waiter Software 

As earlier stated, our virtual call waiter software is not only beneficial to the customer but the kitchen staff and administrators. So, let’s look at its benefits to every sector of a hospitality organization.


Benefits of F4L Virtual Call Waiter Software to Management

This is the body in charge of the business. The benefits of our call waiter system to the management team include:

  • Enhance the company’s revenue and productivity

Without a virtual waiter call, the wait staff is likely to lose over 60 minutes every day going up and down to check their order. When a call waiter software is in place, your waiters don’t need to do this. Thus, a waiter call system will enhance revenue as it will allow waiters to spend time with customers and guests and not to regularly check if the orders are ready in the kitchen. With waiter call software, the staff will focus only on giving recommendations, offering excellent service, and up-selling to customers and guests.

  • Overall Monitoring and Control of Services

Another benefit of a call waiter software is overseeing what is happening in your organization from the control monitor room. Here, you will get notifications from different tables calling the attention of your waiters. With this notification, you can call your waiters directly to attend to that table. You can also call the kitchen staff to know how things are going on especially if there is a delay in food serving.

  • Great atmosphere

The virtual call waiter software from reduces the noise that normally exists in a food mall. This is so because every customer has to sit down without having to move about or stand in a queue waiting to collect their food order. Your staff doesn’t need to ask the customers too what they want as every selection is done using the F4L virtual call waiter software. When the atmosphere is cool and calm, more people will love to come to your bar and have quality time. This will increase your profit. A noisy environment often leads to vocal and sometimes physical fights.

  • Constant and Improve Communication

In a bar, terrace, or restaurant where there is no call waiter system, communication is affected. Most times, you will have to start looking around for your waiters, calling out their names to come and serve guests or customers, and as a result, contributes to noise pollution. With the F4L virtual call waiter system, this won’t be necessary. You will see the table that needs to be attended from the main screen and simply call the waiter assigned to that table.

  • More Profits

A calculation carried out showed that a restaurant that has just 4 waiters who work on shift, 6.5-hour can produce an additional  4% in extra sales every day. When a virtual waiter call system is adopted, your waiters will only visit the kitchen when necessary, given them additional time to serve extra orders. Of course, taking extra orders is directly proportional to making more sales. Do the calculations for a week, months, and year and you will see how much you have been losing since. Adopt this online call waiter from F4L now. 

  • Understanding among staffs

If there is anything you want in your restaurant, it is mutual understanding. Every waiter will know there are tables he is assigned to. This will make the serving of foods and drinks orderly without mixing up orders. Also, your kitchen staff will have a mutual understanding with your servers.

  • Staff Management

Every staff working in a restaurant or bar will be in his rightful position till he is done with his shift. The kitchen staff will remain in the kitchen and the waiters will be in their position. Also, the customers will not be roaming about. Once the food is ordered by the customer from his table, the waiter will pick the food from the kitchen on receiving notification from the kitchen staff and serve the customer. 

Benefits of F4L Virtual Call Waiter Software to Customers

The benefits of virtual call waiter software to customers include:

  • Avoidance of Queue

Once you enter a restaurant that adopts a call waiter, you don’t need to stand up and queue in the line, walking over to the food counter or waving your hands to the waiters. All you have to do is to bring out your smartphone and scan the QR code. After scanning, go through the meal menu, select what you want, and send the request. The waiter assigned to your table will come and serve you. Even if you need an additional meal order, you can request more by clicking on the additional order. 

  • Safety and protection

With an F4L call waiter, you stay at your table without having to join the queue ordering one meal or the order. The number of people ordering meals is much during festival seasons. On a few occasions, people tend to lose their gadgets from pickpockets. This will avoid this call waiter system. When there are health concerns such as body infections or covid-19 pandemic, it is good to avoid crowds. With this software, people can eat and drink out comfortably on their table without having concerns about their safety by getting in contact with others in a restaurant.

  • Saves time and comfort

This F4L waiter call system saves customers a lot of time. A customer only needs to sit down and order food. He will leave the restaurant after paying and eating comfortably.

Benefits of F4L Virtual Call Waiter Software to kitchen staff

The benefits of this call waiter software to kitchen staff include:

  • Space

Cooking with space is the desire of kitchen staff. They don’t want to experience overcrowding in the kitchen from waiters rushing to regularly check if food is ready. Once a customer makes an order, the kitchen units will get the notification and make sure the food is ready to serve. They will call the attention of the waiter to come and pick up the food.

  • Serve the food hot

When foods are served fresh and hot, there will be minimum food wastage. Also, food served hot goes a long time in reducing cold complaints from customers. With a call waiter software, foods are served in their best condition. The kitchen staff can notify the waiters that food is ready to be served using the virtual call waiter software. No more need for the waiters to visit the kitchen regularly.

Final Thought

Key into the F4L virtual call waiter software to enhance your hospitality service to your customers. With this system in place, you are guaranteed improved profit and better management.

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When you adopt F4L virtual call waiter software, you are sure of having better hospitality services to your valued customers. 

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