Software developers are always looking for a way to meet the many and different needs of an individual and businesses. One of the problems people face in retail stores, supermarkets, banks, airports, and other businesses is queuing. You may not know how frustrating being in a queue can be until you meet lots of people standing frustrated and tired. This is often experienced in the aforementioned business establishments. One of the annoying parts of it all is missing out on the important engagements. It is not only the customers that suffer from this. Even the business owners and staff are affected. It’s not easy to control people, especially in a queue. When the crowd is much, the business environment will likely become noisy and unconducive for health. This has been a problem for a long time until our F4L traffic light virtual queuing system came to be. With our queueing system, physical standing on a queue is eliminated. Also, the issue of customers arguing over queue position is erased. This is a must-have software for every business that is after the interest of their customers and their growth too. In this article, you will get to know the benefits of our virtual ticket queueing software and why you should join other businesses to adopt it. You can read more on


Benefits of F4L Traffic Light Virtual Queuing System

The following are the reasons why you need our queueing system:

1.    Wait Time Experience is Enriched

The truth is that nobody loves to be in a physical queue or wait in line for a long time. It does not matter if you are in a haste or not. The possibility of getting frustrated when forced to be in a queue is high. This experience alone is not favorable to the customers. Our F4L traffic light virtual queue system gives customers reduced wait time. With this, they can go and other things they want. While some prefer to sit down and wait, others prefer to walk away and achieve other things without losing their position in line. This is possible with our online queuing system.

2.    Perceived Wait Time Reduction

The perceived wait time on certain occasions is considered more valuable than the main wait time. It is possible for a customer who might be standing for just 60 seconds to be angry. One minute can be like 10 minutes to such a customer especially when he is behind a slow-moving customer. With our virtual queuing software, this is eliminated. It is so because you don’t need to stand behind any slow customer. You will get your perceived wait time reduced and stabilized and every uncertainty eliminated. The customer can comfortably stay at a place to surf the internet, even go back home while waiting for the virtual ticket to turn amber in color.

3.    Happy Customers

You are guaranteed of having happy customers as they can do other things while waiting for their turn. Also, they won’t need to stand up for long again. This has always made many customers annoyed and stressed. They are also aware that nobody will take their place in the queue even when they walk away to attend to other needs. 

4.    Improve Productivity

Every good business owner is seeking the best ways to make his staff work better and faster. When a queue software like ours is adopted, there will be a rise in productivity. A queuing system makes sure every customer is attended to in the right order.

5.   Improve Customer Flow 

Have you ever stayed in a line for hours only to find out you were in the wrong queue and have to start from the back of another long queue to get the service you want? With our F4L queue system, this would be eliminated. 

6.   Enhance Business Sales

You are certain to lose customers if your business venture is known for either a slow or lengthy line. If they don’t jump into the line, they would try to take another person’s place. This will certainly bring problems like an exchange of words among customers and even pocket-picking. When this happens always, you will start losing patronage from customers resulting in lower business sales. This won’t be so with an online queuing system.

7.   Social Distancing

It is advisable to stay a bit far from someone especially in this season of the covid-19 pandemic. The F4L traffic light virtual queuing system will help your business keep to that health guidance. Since you are only scanning the QR code with your phone to get the virtual ticket, you can either leave the establishment or stay far as you wait for your time.

8.   Actual Wait Reduction

When you are aware of the importance of having our queueing software, you will serve your customers faster, better, and easier. As your staff becomes more efficient, the actual time will certainly reduce. Both the business in general and customers will be happy. 


Final Thought

Take your business to a higher level of service and productivity with our F4L traffic light virtual queuing system. With this in place, the number of waiting for your business services within your organization will reduce. You will not only have a  calmer environment to serve customers, but you will also have your customer happier as they can go and achieve other things while they wait for your virtual ticket to change color from red to amber, then green. 

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Improving the customer’s experience is the goal of every business. When the customers of a business organization are happy, the sales will be higher. This could be achieved with our F4L traffic light virtual queuing system. 

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