Graphics packs include posters, covers, and banners which are used for creating publicity or awareness of what you do. They are very important in attracting people to what you do or your products and services. Hiring a graphic designer for all graphic packs in line with your business niche can be expensive. You may not also have the luxury of time to learn how to design yourself. In a situation like this, what will you do? Will you keep on with adverts that are not profitable or look for software that has ready-made niches graphics packs? Choosing the second option is the best for you. This is where the F4L software comes into place. Visit our website on for more information. 

What is the F4L System all about?

An F4L system is a cloud-based software that allows you to access different industries ‘ niches graphics packs for promoting your business on different social media and social network platforms free of charge. The packs which include Facebook cover, Instagram post, Facebook banner, and other graphics packs are all copyright free. This means that you can use them anywhere you want without having any fear of copyrighting someone’s design. You can also edit these industry niches graphics packs with a graphic image editor and add your company’s logo or icon to it to customize them. The F4L software works with you needing to download any application or other software. It is easy to use and one system you should surf every time to take your business from the level it is now to another level.

The Social Industry Graphics Packs on F4L System

You can get all the social media graphics you can use to set social media accounts, so Facebook cover groups posts, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube cover, Tumbir posts, and adverts all pre-made for all 70 plus niches. These packs are copyright free as earlier stated and available for what you want to use them for. You can use them as they are or have them edited to have your company’s features such as logo etc. They are good for promoting your services and products and also offer you a free card as a lead magnet for your audience or potential customers to use your service. However, don’t forget to add your link below the advert or graphic you post online.

You can make all of the industry niches graphics packs clickable. It has been proven that clickable images contribute immensely to your business growth. When people come across any of your business clickable images, they can click on it to access your website or find out more about your products, services, or business opportunities. If you are into a multi-level marketing business, affiliate marketing, or any other general money business idea, take advantage of this. It is a great means of prospecting and recruiting people to join your business.

To make an image such as a poster or banner that you get from our F4L 79 plus industry niches graphics packs is simple. There is a video uploaded on this page that can guide you on how to achieve it. Play the video and practice with it. It is easy to do.


Scroll down the page and you will see all niches graphics packs/image list. Some of them include animals and pets advert, accounting and bookkeeping adverts, tax adverts, pain relief adverts, agriculture and farming adverts, appliance repair adverts, weight loss adverts, webinar adverts, and others too numerous to mention.

Under each of the 79 niche industry social graphics pack adverts, you will see a text caption on “folder with adverts in folder for correct size”. When you click on any of the niches with a number with it, you will see many individual images here. You can click on any of the images you love. This will enlarge the size of the image and be ready for download. To download, click on the three dots you will see at the top right of the page and a drop-down sub-menu will appear. Go ahead and press the download button to have the picture downloaded. It is as simple as that. You can also download the images by right-clicking on the image and save the image.

You can go back to the previous page, that is the 79 niches by clicking on the arrows at the top left side.

To download all the images in each of the niches, simply click on the text below the niche with the number “folder with adverts in folder for correct size”. On clicking, you will see image folders of all the social media like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook post, Facebook group, Facebook cover, Instagram, and others. With this, you don’t have to figure out again the size of the image you want to download as the image sizes will be known from the folder types.

You can download all the image folders at once if you want. To do this, locate the title of the niche above the folder regions and you will see beside it an arrow down button. Click on the arrow down button and a menu will dropdown. Scroll down on it to the download button and click on it. It will download all into your hard drive, laptop, or desktop depending on what you are using.

You can go back to the 79 industry niches graphics packs page again to download more images of another niche you want to use for your business advert or marketing. It is easy and simple. Try it now and have better business sales from customers. 


All social media graphics you need for your social media accounts are available on the F4L system. These graphics packs are pre-made and copyright free. So, you can use it anywhere you want. If you need to add your logo or any of your company’s identity to the graphics like banners or posters, use a graphic image editor to do this. You can make use of our F4L graphic image editor for this.

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It is possible to get all industry niches graphics packs you want for your business marketing on social media platforms free and without any copyright issues. Get started on F4L software to download them now. 

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