A card be it a personal or business card is such an important document to every business owner as it can contain lots of information. With the advent of technology, many traditional documents are now invented as digital products to make things easier and faster. Although we have digital cards which can contain contacts, social network accounts, survey websites, review sites, software like call waiter, track and trace software, email, address, QR, and more, many people are still making use of paper cards.

Limitations of Paper Cards

The limitations of paper cards are many. It does not contain any information like the digital card, and you have to be carrying it about. When it comes to social media access, only a few can access it and this is not what you want for your business. Every right-thinking person or business person wants to see people surfing the internet about his services and product. With digital cards, you can add your website links and many more. There is no comparison between the two in any way. A Digital card is also less expensive and one you can create easily with or without the knowledge of the internet. You can’t even add your promotional or business marketing videos on the card and if you must know, customers prefer to watch videos than reading text. Insisting on using digital cards is to accept little business productivity. You can’t even update things easily on the card. This is why digital cards should be a big concern to you if you are yet to adopt them. Whatever that is delaying you from upgrading your business and letting your customers know you know what you are doing must be eradicated. 

Why you Need a Digital Card

Among all these setbacks of paper cards, losing your card accidentally can be annoying and frustrating if you don’t have any again. What will you now do in a case like this? What if you have a big potential customer waiting for your card only for you to start looking for your card. If at all you knew where you misplaced it, it could have been better but the case is different here. There is no trace of hope of getting it back. Not only will you lose that potential customer, but you will also be considered as an unserious business owner. Think of the effect when such a potential customer starts sharing his experience with others.

You will lose patronage and this is what you don’t want. To solve this problem, you need to start using a Digital Card. You can start today to create one on http://www.f4l.me. 

However, many people have mistakenly or accidentally deleted one of their important digital cards. If you are one of them and you are confused about how to restore it, this article is for you. It is easy and takes as little as 5 minutes to achieve. 

The smart way to Restore any Digital

Follow these steps to have your card restored immediately:

  • Go to my cards tab from our website. You will see the green restore button. You can choose to click on this green restore button or on the text content where you are asked to click here to restore any card you deleted mistakenly. Another way you can do this is to go to the menu bar. Locate my account button and click on restore.
  • One thing to know is that during the creation of your card, your cards are automatically backed up for you. This is what you don’t experience with paper cards.
  • So, if you deleted any of your cards accidentally or intentionally, you can have it restored.
  • On the restore section, make use of the search button and type the name of the card you deleted by mistake if the list of other removed cards is much and difficult to search.
  • You can also restore the card you want by directly clicking on the Action tab next to the card.
  • If on the other hand you have a large list and you want to restore them all so that you can go through them again, click on the purple restore all card button.
  • To restore one particular card, just click on the restore green button of the card that you want to restore.
  • Confirm it is the card that you want to restore.
  • The card will no longer be in the delete section.
  • All you should do is to go back to my cards where each of your cards sits whether they are personal or business cards. You will see the card you restored to the list of all your cards.

It is very simple and easy and this is why we called it the smart backup. You can now see the advantage of creating and having a Digital Card through the F4L website. Your card can easily be restored or backed up anytime any day, and from anywhere. 

Final Thought

It is high time you started using a digital card over the paper card if you are sure you want to move forward in your business or whatever that you do. The limitations of paper cards are eradicated by digital cards. Even if you delete your digital card accidentally, it can be restored with haste. So, adopt a digital card and if you are yet to get one, use our website http://www.f4l.me today and get one for yourself.

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Increase the productivity of your business by going for a digital card and say no to a paper card. Lost your digital card? No problem. You can restore it immediately with the F4L website. 

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