The rate at which businesses such as hospitals, consultancy industries, and other hospitality industries get customers requests and sudden visits is increasing. Most times, due to lack of proper scheduling of time and appointments, their business activities are affected. This often results in the loss of the customer who felt he was not attended well. Also, the profit a business could have made reduces and if care is not taken, you might lose your best paying client or customer. This has made many businesses look for technologies that will solve this problem of scheduling, booking, and appointments. Business owners need software that can make the task easier for them to become more productive, profitable, and retain their customers. 

This gave birth to different appointment scheduling software. It is also called meeting scheduling by some. This appointment software helps to manage bookings and appointments of professionals like consultants and businesses. While there are many appointment systems out there, the F4L appointment software has been dominant. There are many reasons for that. From this article, we will find out how to set up this appointment booking software and why it is the best. Let’s find out more about the F4L booking software first. 

What is F4L Appointment Software?

This is software that helps business owners to manage their appointments and booking. This software can be used in any business. It was designed to be easy to use with a user-friendly interface. It brings the customer’s requests closer to the employee of a company. With this, rendering business services at the right time and its best is possible. When you adopt our booking and appointments system, you can add different categories which include departments, etc. You can add any available closed days, holidays, and appointments. Our booking software can be added to any of your digital cards. One other big point of our F4L booking and appointments system is the possibility of working well with other companies and software. So, if you already have another appointment system you like, you can still maximize ours too to boost your proficiency.

Some of the other features why our F4L booking and appointment system is considered the best include:

  • Monitoring of booking and appointment statistics.
  • Always available online 24/7.
  • Online payment is accepted.
  • Schedule access control.
  • Ability to adjust and even cancel appointments. Both the customer and employee can do this. 
  • Customer relationship management integration.
  • Different services are available.
  • No application is needed for it to work.
  • Prompt email notification.
  • Different prices and coupons are available.

There are many other features that you can see on our website at Now that you know about our click and collect and appointment system, let us guide you on how to set it up to boost your business productivity. 

How to set up your Click and Collect Service Appointments software.

1.    For Manager

The following steps are how you can easily set up the appointments and booking software as a manager for you’re the products and services you offer to your customers and to connect it to your F4L digital and virtual card software:

  • Go to the homepage of our website and click on my account button. You will find this button on the menu bar. When you click on my account button, different options like my listing, autoresponder, my team, add a personal card, my card, and others are displayed.
  • Find and click on the booking and appointments. A new screen will appear.
  • Click on the F4L book on the left column. 
  • Scroll down and click on the company’s setting button. A new screen will come up.
  • Add your company’s details such as the company’s address, company’s name, company’s website, and phone.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Set up a payment for service by going to the PayPal settings button. You will also see this in the left column.
  • If you don’t need it, go to the next step. However, if you are going to use it, go to the PayPal settings button and get your PayPal credentials by logging in to your PayPal account dashboard
  • Click on the live button after selecting my apps and credentials button.
  • Click the create app button.
  • Put the name of your app on the next screen, then press the submit button.
  • On the new screen that will appear, copy and paste the client’s ID and secret key to the correct boxes at the appointment PayPal set up screen. With this, your payment is set up.
  • Go to the add employees tab on the left column. You will also see other options such as finance, event, calendar, customer, etc.
  • Add the employee details (name, phone, etc.) that will be providing the services for your company such as hairdressing, massaging, etc.
  • Select the work hours, days, and click on the Save button when you are done. You can also go to the days off and special days and then save after making adjustments.
  • Add all the staff you have that will provide the company’s services such as personal trainer dentist etc. for your customers.
  • Each of the added employees will receive an email with a link they can use to log in.

2.    For Employee

  • The employees can now log in as staff with their log in details. On doing this, their private dashboard will come up.
  • The employees can now add and edit appointments themselves. They can control their profile – working hours, days off, special days, assigned services, and others you have added before.
  • Click the email setting tab from the left column and add your name and email.
  • Click the service tab on the left column. A new screen will open where you can add categories on the service button. Save after you are done adding as many categories as you want.
  • Once the categories are added, click on the service button on the top-right menu. Provide all the service details such as price, duration, time, and the rest.
  • If your appointments are free, leave the price to zero and people can book you with your timing.
  • Go to the event tab in the left column. Add any special training or live event. Add the details and save. With this, you have set up the booking and appointment software.
  • Go to the calendar tab on the left column and fill up the details. Save when you are done
  • Click on the appointment button from the left column. You can search for appointments with name and date in the top bar. Add new appointments by clicking on the add appointment button at the top right. Save when you are done.
  • Click on the finance tab from the left column. Two options (payment and coupons) will be displayed. You will see the payment here once the payment has been made by the customer.
  • Click on the coupon and fill the form. You can include the discount, choose the number of times it can be used and save.
  • Click customer. You will see all the customers that have made appointments with you.
  • Click on the front use button on the left column. You will see two links, one for an appointment and the other for the event. Copy and paste the link into any web page you want.
  • However, to add the links to our F4L card, you need to go to my card tab from the “My Account” button on the menu bar.
  • Click to edit and go to the Personal tab.
  • Go to the appointment and paste the link. 
  • You can name the appointment button text with what you want or leave it as an appointment. 
  • Choose the next button below and choose a show on card +activate. This will activate the button on the card

You have now created a digital card with our click and collect service appointment system. Welcome to the era of your increased business productivity and income. 


Final Thought

Too many engagements and customer’s request is what every business needs. However, this has become one of the ways companies are losing focus and money. This is so because of poor booking and appointment management. To solve this problem and help you maintain your business growth, we designed this booking and appointment system for you. It was designed with your business structure in mind to meet your business needs and help you maximize more profit. Congratulations on your new business level!

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