The world is heading towards a paperless future, and it is important to catch up with the changes, especially if you are a professional.F4L Digital business cards are an important requirement for any professional looking forward to connecting and getting more clients. Regardless of the profession, a business card can go a long way to making your business and services easily available.

F4L Digital video business cards are indeed new to many people, which is one of the main reasons you are here. You can take several steps to ensure that your digital business card is serving its purpose. From how to get one to how you can use it to get business, we will go through all the details.

Digital Business Card: What is it?

F4L Digital Business Card

If you are familiar with the normal paper business card, then understanding the digital version is simpler. The only difference is that the digital business card is sharable only through digital platforms like phones and computers. Additionally, instead of distributing them to people by hand, digital business cards are shareable through emails, social media platforms like WhatsApp, Linked In, Twitter, and others.

Keeping track of paper business cards can be difficult since they can get lost or easily damaged. Digital business cards, on the other hand, can be saved in cloud storage for access to various devices. That means, even if you lose your phone, for example, you can still access your business cards online. That is one of the main reasons why digital cards are taking over the professional industry.

How to make a digital business card

You will need a good digital business card app such as our F4L software to make a digital business card. The good news is, this free digital business card app will help you create a professional online business card. When looking for the best app to use for your design, it is important to use only the latest and smartest apps. 

Other than free apps, you also have the option of subscribing to our  premium packages. The benefit of the paid service with digital card apps is that you can access more future as far as designing your business card is concerned and more custom apps the cards and have a full virtual software suite that can be added and integrated with each card you create.

You wont need to contact a professional programmer to design a custom digital video business card because the F4L card system its simple and anyone can copy and past the urls , they will be able to create cards.  This will save you design costs and you can set up a card in less than a couple of minutes once you know how .

The good thing with business card design apps is that you don’t need any prior skills or knowledge to use them. That is because they come with simple instructions together with drag and drop straightforward features and copy and paste. There are many tutorials and video learning centres that can help if you do get stuck.

Why should you consider F4L digital video business cards?

How F4L Digital Business Card Works

The modern world is digital, which is one of the main reasons any professional needs to have a digital business card. There were no smartphones in the past, yet today, these mobile handsets are a requirement for most kinds of work. Other benefits of using digital business cards include;

Digital business cards are affordable especially as F4L give everyone one card FREE.

You know dont need to design your paper  digital business card using the card design apps that are available online as you have real viable alternative that is much smarter than paper cards and future proof too.. Nevertheless, you will not need to incur any other extra costs for printing services. That means that with the F4L  design app, you can own a digital business card free of charge.

F4L Digital business cards are convenient.

Traditional business cards have one limitation, which is, you must be in close contact with someone for you to share them. On the other hand, with THE f4l digital business cards, you can share your contact info with anyone regardless of their location in the world. Smartphones, computers, and the internet are available today and the best medium for sharing your digital business card.

Digital business cards are easy to update

As a professional, you may need to update your business card accordingly. The problem with the normal business cards is that you can never update them once you have given them out. Additionally, you can hardly trace who you have given your business card so that you can provide them with the updated version. However, with digital business cards, you can update and resend the updated versions to your contacts since you can always trace them all. So the way it works is this if you have a change of details and you update your card all the people that have your card will also have the cards updated no need to resend thema new card , as each card is a mini website this can be updated at any time and the changes can be live in seconds . not in weeks with plastic or paper digital cards and as you have your own control panel no need for designers to make the canes you can implement them yourselves.

Digital business cards are environmentally friendly.

Normal business cards are made from paper, which is manufactured from trees. As we all know, trees are an important part of our lives, and instead of cutting them down, more need to be grown. Additionally, business cards can be disposed of, and you have come across business cards in the streets or in places that you least expect. Digital business cards, however, do not exist in this world and do not need any raw material to manufacture.

Digital business cards will save you more time.

Creating and distributing conventional business cards takes so much more time than using the F4L digital business card apps to make one. If you have run out of business cards to hand out, one has to wait for another special occasion; usually, a get together in an event before distribution can go on. Digital business cards, on the other hand, gives you an unlimited number of cards and distribution channels so that you can share your contacts with anyone freely at any time.

Digital business cards are a lasting first impression.

Other than showing your contact details, digital business cards allow you to include links and videos related to your business. That means, apart from sharing your contact, you also get a small opportunity to show off your expertise, achievements, and other details that will earn you more trust from your prospects.

Digital business cards are the future.

The impact of technology in human life has reached levels where many individuals and even companies cannot survive without it. A digital business card is where the world is heading now that it has been discovered that paper harms the environment. You will find more convenience with digital business cards from creating, storing, and even distributing your contact details.

Who needs a digital business card?

Provided that you have a company, business, or service to offer and are out to win more prospects, you should have a digital business card. It has been discovered that most professionals and companies greatly rely on technology like smartphones, computers, and tablets. With an electronic business card, you will find it is easy to get your contact info to the right hands since it uses the same platforms for sharing and storage.

If you are looking to avoid unnecessary costs with your business cards, you will also find that digital business cards are ideal for you. You will be shocked by the number of business cards that are thrown away every day. It will make no sense if you have to spend lots of money to design and print business cards only to have them thrown away without creating any impact on your business.

Job seekers are also another group of people who can benefit from using digital business cards. As stated, these electronic cards allow you to include your professional information and links that you can use to showcase your expertise to potential employers. Today, employers have more faith in skilled people and have a good portfolio to back them up. With a digital business card, you can even include links to your resume and more about what you can do for employers. With the F4L business card you can a cv or resume to the cv icon and whats create is that if you need to make a resume you can from the website builder and pre made resume that are in the simple website builder that is a part of the software suite in the F4L platform.

Details to include in your digital business card

While you can be interested in having an electronic business card, it is important to know the details to include. Normally, you will have your name, contact details like phone number and email in a business card. Assuming that you are a professional or company, you probably have social media accounts with more details and portfolios. You can always include the links to your social media pages to make it easy for the card receiver to learn more about what you do.

With the F4L card system it has been designed that media links , hotel links, review links , music links shopping sotres from shopify to etsy and depop , air bnb , can all be added to the card that you make it all depending on the industry your are in. There has never been so maach choices to make your own unique card , and with the icons only taking up such little space there is more space for your photos either still or using the slider function and have many .

Videos have proven to be a successful way to communicate and showcase since they offer visual and audio. Using your digital business card, you can include video content for easier connection with your prospects. You can include video links to your youtube channel or social media platforms. With the F4L digital card designer apps can simply add the video to your card .

In summary

We are heading towards a paperless world where technology will be the order of the day. As a professional, you need to prepare early for this phase by getting yourself the best digital business card app. The good news is,you have found the right app to design your digital business with F4Lit is easy and Free.