One mistake that many people make is thinking that F4L digital business cards are meant for specific people or companies. The truth is, anyone can use a digital business card provided that they wish to share their contact for any particular reason. With smartphone and computer technology playing a big part in the modern world, better solutions for simple problems need to be developed.

Using the right digital business card app, you stand a chance of building a resourceful connection through electronic business cards. That is why it is important to always go for apps that allow for various integrations and design options that will give you the ability to make a lasting impression.

How digital business cards work

F4L Digital Business Card

Normally, business cards are supposed to include your contact details and social media pages if available. Digital business cards work the same way but with more to offer than paper business cards. The best part is, digital cards go a long way to promote the conservation of the environment. On top of that, they are easy to share, and you don’t have to be in the same place with someone before sharing, making them contactless hence safer.

A personal digital business card can come in handy sometimes, for example, when applying for jobs. You can include your CV and links to your online portfolio in a single business card; enough information to allow a human resource manager to have a better idea about you. It is also important to know that with the F4L  free digital business card apps it can be upgraded to be  integrated with a a number of further virtual software , internet tools media and graphic libraries and a lot more tools . You have done good research if you have found this card as it is the future it.

Why do you need a digital business card?

Regardless of the industry, you are dealing with, having a digital business today will mean more opportunities. Sharing electronic business cards is way easier than traditional business cards hence less work with great impact. Other reasons why you should get a digital business card include;

Digital business cards are easy to carry around.

Sharing business cards is a continuous process if you wish to grow your network and connections faster. That means you need to walk around with enough cards for everybody hence more load. Digital business cards, on the other hand, can be stored in phone or computer storage. That means all you need is your phone and nothing extra to get your business card around.With the F4L card you can share the your card with a premade Qr code , or the add contact button on the card or use the present icon and simply send the unique URL of your card via text , whatsapp and email to your audience wherever they are online or offline.

Include everything in one digital business cards

How F4L Digital Business Card Works

As already stated,the F4L is a smart and good digital business card. As itt allows you to connect it with other platforms and references. From social media platforms and online portfolios, you can have all the details you need in a single digital business card including videos. By doing this, you give your prospect an easy time to learn more about you. Normal business cards are limited when it comes to what you can include on them.

Digital business cards are customizable.

Many people assume that digital business cards are meant for a specific group of people, especially those working in offices. The truth is, even farmers and grandparents can use digital business cards and experience all the benefits. Most digital card design apps are limited to what they can do or the functions they have with the F4L digital card you can upload and create any image with slides or videos as your background for various professions and businesses. These templates are customizable by yourself and its easy too you just upload your image and save or you add the url link of your video link depending where your stored it . You can ofcourse make edits like uploading pictures, your logo, and more all by yourself as you have your won control panel and back office with full control of you card and what it can do . No need to hire any web designers.

F4L Digital Business Card

People will use only digital business cards in the future.

Digital business cards have already been embraced by many professionals, companies, and businesses. That is because technology has reached levels where smartphones, computers, and the internet are readily available. That means digital business cards have a better chance than their paper counterpart that requires you to move. Electronic cards have proved to be more convenient and effective, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Digital business cards are eco-friendly.

We are heading towards a paperless world, and digital business cards are going to take over. Nevertheless, the environment has become one of the world’s main focuses, and everything is being done to save the trees. Electronic business cards are contributing greatly to this by doing away with the paper business cards. According to research, over 80% of business cards are thrown away, and this means littering. And destroying 10 hectares of forest per year on wasted cards , Lets stop the madness and get a free card from F4L.

You can update your digital business card.

Unlike normal business cards, you can always update your digital business card and even run adverts and promotions. You can also update your CV and add more accomplishments to your profiles without changing the business card. That is one of the most significant solutions brought by electronic business cards. Paper business cards are impossible to update because there are fewer chances that you will come across everyone who you offered your first card.

F4L Digital business cards are free.

You may think that with all the benefits, digital business cards come at a cost when it is not true. That is because F4L has a free digital business card apps option, it can help you create your customized business card. You will be able to create impressive business cards, while some functions will be limited on the free card , this will be primarily business users that will need the lite service and even the pro level service most individuals will only need the Free card.

When you unlock the lite package you will be granted all the extra icons of the card including review sites and directories like yellow pages and trip adviser to. When you upgrade to pro level then a suite of virtual softwares including virtual call and call waiter apps become available all in one small monthly fee. This will be a hige cost saving compared to paying separately for all the virtual softwares that be connected to the card such as virtual que and call waiter.

How to get the best free digital business card app

When looking for the best app to design your business card, it is important that you take your time to research. You will need to make a comparison and go through reviews to find out what the people who have used the app are saying. At that point, you will be checking if the app is offering the necessary features that you need in their free version.With the F4l card the free version has more functions than most other cards have in the prepaid for version. As its free you should sign up and see how smart and easy it is to use and how you can use it as a biolink for all your details.

Consulting someone who is already experiencing success with free digital business cards can also save you a lot of time. It is highly likely you were given a card by someone and that is why decided that you wanted one aswell , normally the person using the card will recommend you get one too as it’s free. You can learn much from such a person, and it will put you in a better position when it comes to developing your business card too.

Where can you use a digital business card?

Digital business cards can be used anywhere there is technology which is, almost the whole world today. By using this method to share your contact details, you are making it easy for everybody, including the environment. If you are interested in a job position, for example, you can easily share your electronic business card with a human resource manager who will be able to find out more about your capability and experience.

If you are a business owner, you can stay connected with your customers through business cards and even run discount promos and other adverts. This means that you don’t need to have a long mailing list or pay for website hosting services in order to run your adverts. It means you will enjoy a free marketing platform since all you need is the design app.

Save more with digital business cards.

Printing business cards is expensive, no matter the quantity. If you cannot design the card, you should be ready to dig deeper into your pocket. Digital business cards can be free in all aspects, from the download up to designing the card. If you have to print your CV every time you apply for work, you will incur unnecessary costs. Nevertheless, even CVs are submitted today through emails. With a business card, you are going to save a lot of money and time since you can share your business card directly through social media platforms like Whatsapp, making it much easier to access than a CV sent via email. The F4L card has a CV button and you can link it to any Digital Cv you may have already , it doesn’t have to be in the F4L platform it can be osted anywhere and attached the F4l system is adaptable like that .

In summary

You have every reason to have a digital business card, more so if you want to remain relevant in the modern world. People are no longer interested in collecting paper business cards because they are easily disposable, and once misplaced, tracing them can be impossible; digital business cards, on the other hand, will always be available online. It does not matter what you do; at some point, you will want to leave behind your contact for whatever reason. F4L Digital business cards will allow you to leave more than your contacts.