It is currently difficult to separate the relationship between text or content and image. Almost every content created comes with an image. An image displays clearly what content is all about. If you love writing, you will probably be needing an image editor to create and edit your pictures. This will eliminate the use of copyrighted images for your text. To help you achieve this we develop the F4L iphoto editor. From this article, you will know how to use this Inbuilt F4L Image editor of our website for image creation and its benefits.


Steps Involved in Creating Image with F4L Image Editor

The following are the steps to follow to create images for your posts:

  • Open the F4L iphoto and go to my tools button. Click on the third option, that is, an easy image editor. A new page will open.
  • Click on the uploaded image.
  • A dialog box will come up where you can search different images. Select the image you want and click on the open button.
  • You will see four icons on the uploaded image (trash or delete image icon, click to upload (don’t click on it), view icon which has the same function as clicking on the middle picture, and the download icon. You can use the download button to download any image you see and like.
  • Click on the middle of the picture or the view icon to enlarge the picture.
  • The image editor opens on clicking on the image. You can now edit the image by using different buttons like crop button, color button, etc.
  • You can also select the text button from this design interface and add any text you want. There is a bold button as well as italics. Choose and use anyone you want that will give you what you want.
  • You will see on the top bar other buttons like opacity, color, and shadow buttons. With the color button, you can give your text and images another color.
  • To add clipart, click on the second button after the text button with a symbol of “A”. You can use the clipart button to upload your logo or use the images from the F4L image editor. You can upload any of the clipart and give it a color. 
  • When you are done designing, click on the Save button. It will take you back to the first page when the picture was uploaded. It will now have the new picture you have worked on.
  • Save by clicking on the download button.
  • A dialog box will open. Choose where you want to save the picture and click on the save button.
  • If you are satisfied with your work, click on the delete icon on the image. Confirm you want to delete. You’re done.

Benefits of F4L Image Editor

Some of the benefits of our image editor include:

Image Enhancement

Having your image pass through the process of enhancement will make it get attention.  Using the inbuilt F4L image editor, a dull picture taken with a lifeless camera can be transformed into an eye-catching image.

Image Restoration 

With the F4L image editor, you can turn old photos into a new glory. You can now share it with your loved ones. It works for even old worn out images.

Image Manipulation

Sometimes, there are details we don’t like on our images or pictures. It might be an object in the background or even the background. With our image editor, removing these unnecessary things from the picture background is possible. You can also give it a new background.

Image Clipping

You can choose to clip an image when the intensity of the picture is in an area that is not wanted. This ends up changing the focus to something else on the image. So whether the background of the image is too dark or bright and it is interfering with the image subject, clipping may be needed. You can achieve this with our image editor.

Final Thought

Photographers, designers, web developers often make use of one image editor or the other. Content writers on the other hand use images to create content. The importance of good quality images to both writers, designers, and even business owners is much. It gives customers, readers of articles a clearer pictorial explanation of a subject or text. We designed the F4L image editor for you to take your image editing to another better level.

Meta Description 

Take your image editing to the next and better level with our F4L image editor. It is easy to use. With it, your posts will gain the attention that you want. 

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