If there is anything the internet has done for us, it is the ease of learning. You can have millions of books, e-courses to read online. These e-courses can be in either video or text (document) format. While many have the desire to read and take advantage of learning online, a few have the right platform to access these informative materials. One of the learning libraries that has proven to be among the best is the F4L member learning library. The benefits of having digital education can’t be overemphasized. At the F4L learning library, you will not only get access to e-courses but will also have the benefits of digital education.

I won’t be surprised if you want to know how you can get started on this learning library. Let’s go to that.


How to make use of the F4L Learning Library

The steps include:

  • Go to our website on http://www.f4l.me register if you have not and login to your account page.
  • Go to the menu bar, select the academic courses tab between my tools and the make money tab.
  • Click on course lessons and tutorials. It will take you to the courses page.
  • Look for the category form on the left-hand side and the lessons or courses on the right-hand side which have an average of nine per page.
  • To get more of the courses, click on the number button across the bottom.
  • Pick a category. Anyone you select will make the page change automatically with the courses and lessons in there.
  • Before anything else, open your academy dashboard. This is your dashboard relating to everything you see on this page.
  • Go to academic courses and then to your academic dashboard. It will open up to your dashboard.
  • To add courses to read or watch later from your dashboard on the left-hand side is a menu which is your profile. You will also see here buttons like purchase history if you buy any course. However, most of the e-courses are free.
  • You can add your picture by going to the setting button. There are fields for you to add your details like first name, last name, and phone number. You can reset your password here too. Add your bio, website links, profile link of your Facebook, Twitter and other social network accounts link. Save the changes by clicking on the update profile button.
  • Click on my profile tab and you will see the date you registered on the F4L members learning library. You will also see your information such as first name, last name, email, bio, and phone number.
  • Press the enroll courses button. You will see the courses you have downloaded or purchased here.
  • Proceed and select the wish list button. It will open a space.
  • To add courses to your wish list, go back to the academy front page. Scroll down till you see different courses. Use your mouse and move your cursor to the wishlist button on any of the courses you want. Click on it, the course will be added to your wishlist.
  • To confirm, go back to your dashboard, refresh the page and go to the wish list tab. Every course you added will be updated or appear here.
  • To enroll in a course, go to the academy front page. Click on any of the courses. You will see the interface showing the heading, title, and description of the course you clicked to enroll.
  • Click on the enroll button under the course.
  • Click on the green start course button to enroll. It will go to the section of the page with the document in.
  • You will see a downline button. Click on its download. A new tab opens up the PDF if it is a document other than video. You can save, download or print the PDF directly from here.
  • Go back to your dashboard page and click on enrolled courses. 
  • It opens up a new section where you will know if you are enrolled or not. You can see the button for active and complete courses here too.
  • Go to the courses lesson button which you will find by clicking the academy courses tab on the menu bar. Click on any other category you want to download and read it will open up all the courses under that category. Select the one you want and enroll.
  • You can log out when you are done from your dashboard.

Final Thought

The importance of upgrading your knowledge through learning or reading can’t be overemphasized. Nobody has the excuse of not reading or learning again due to money in buying books or going to school. With our F4L learning library, you can self-learn any courses you have a passion for. Most of the books are free and it is easy to use our website. So, get the education you have always wanted using our learning platform.

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The importance of digital education through e-learning libraries can’t be understated. You can get any information you want free with our F4L members learning library. 

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