There are various means people make money and one of them is through their digital cards. With advances in digital technology, many software has been designed to help people create their cards. However, there are many limitations to most of this software. They don’t make provision for a free pre-made card for social network platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and others. People who can’t afford to get a designed card or can’t design themselves are left standing on a cliff without knowing how to start earning money. These limitations led to the development of the F4L system. With this design system, you can take advantage of the free pre-made cards, potters, banners for your business marketing while you leverage on different social network platforms. 

What is the F4L Pre-made Design Card System?

An F4L system is a cloud-based software that functions without any need to download an application or another software. It is a system that can work from anywhere and at any time with an internet connection. It was incorporated with lots of features, videos, and training to help you earn money and make your tasks easier to handle and better as well as increase your business income or productivity. The F4L software has free graphics in-store that are pre-made for your card, how to advertise your card, and promote your card for advertisement. We have made many poster covers for groups for all social media like Facebook. As earlier stated, the goal is to promote your card on these social network platforms to make money. If you are wondering if the cards are copyright free, the answer is yes. We made the card ourselves and you can make use of any when you want. These cards also come in different sizes so you will get the best size you want. You can check out more about us on our website before you continue reading on how to use our pre-made social card to make money.


Getting started with our pre-made social card

To start accessing these our pre-made cards for your advertisement and promotion, you must first log in to our website. The website domain name is already stated above. After this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the tools tab. To locate the tools bar, go to our menu bar on top of your screen.
  • Click on the Tools tab and a drop-down list will display different options for selection. Go to the graphics socials and videos tab and click on it.
  • Another sub-menu will open. Select and click the card images and photos button.
  • On clicking on the card images and photos button a new page will come up. You can choose to make any of these images clickable. A clickable image is an image that when it is clicked takes you to a destination link. It is used for generating traffic to a website for promotion and connecting people to your products and services. It is simple to turn your images into clickable images. You will see an explanation video on this page too. Follow the steps in the video and you will have your image turned into a clickable image in a few clicks.
  • On this same page, go down till you see a title that has this caption on it, “like us on Facebook group: pre-made card graphics. You will see a button below this title.
  • On clicking on this button below that title in the last step, a new page will appear where you can scroll through and see the cards live. There are many cards here. Click on any of them.
  • You will see a space on the down left-hand side where you can create your QR code. Creating your QR code is easy and can’t be achieved with our F4L software too. Add every detail you want to add to your QR code like contact address, phone number, different social network platforms profile, survey and review sites, YouTube link, website URL, and lots more. This will make it easier for your customers to access you.
  • You can now go ahead and download the card. To do this, go to the top right side and locate the three dots button. Click on the button, select the download option and download the card. There is another way you can download this pre-made social card for advertisement and money-making purpose without clicking on the three dots button. Simply right-click on the screen with your mouse, click on the save option. It is as simple as that.
  • Go back to the previous page and you will see a title on a folder with an advert. Click on the button below it. You will see all the graphics in folder format. These folders are arranged in alphabetical order. You can download them individually or download them all together.
  • To download them at once, click on the drop-down arrow after the text content displaying “liked on Facebook group Pic to add QR codes to”. A drop-down sub menu will open up with different buttons or tab. Some of the tabs you will see on this drop-down menu include move to, rename, add to starred, and others.
  • Scroll down on this drop-down menu and select the download button. Then, click on it. On clicking, every folder will download individually into a folder for you straight into your hard drive, personal computer, or laptop depending on what you are using to access the F4L software.
  • Now that you are done downloading, go ahead and edit them. You can also make the social cards you downloaded clickable if you want. Always refer back to the explainer video.
  • Your card is ready to use for your advertisement or promotion. Add them all to the social media platform you want. 

Final Verdict

Our F4L system has different features and software to make things easier for you. We have created many social cards that you can use without fear of copyright for your business promotion and sales of your products and services. You do not need to pay any graphic designer to get a social card. All you have to do is visit our website on and get started.

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Using social cards on social network platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and others is a means of generating money through the marketing of your products and services. With the F4L system, you have free social cards you can use for your Facebook publicity.

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