The importance of using videos and images for your business marketing can’t be overemphasized. This shows why you need to learn how to create videos for your business. Customers prefer to see graphic and motion displays of your products and services than any other traditional means of advertising. If this is so, you need to learn how to create such videos. Creating videos is not as hard you may think. While some can create, others don’t know how to upload these videos on a digital card. This is the purpose of this article. You will not only learn how to create vertical videos and pictures but also how you can use our website F4L Systems to upload them on our F4L digital video card for free.

Steps in Creating Vertical Video and Uploading on F4L digital Video Card

To be able to successfully create vertical videos and pictures and to upload them of F4L digital video card for free, follow these steps:

  • We will make use of a free app known as Inshot to edit videos you have already taken on your smartphone.
  • Go to Google Playstore if you are using an android phone version or Apple store if you are using an iPhone and type inshot on the search engine. Download the inshot application.
  • Open the app after downloading and click on the video button.
  • Choose the video you want to edit from your smartphone gallery.
  • Select the canvas button beneath and 4.5 ratios, expand and adjust the video using your finger together to fill the screen.
  • Press the little tick icon at the right.
  • Your video has been resized in one easy step.
  • To save the video, click on the Save button at the top right-hand side of your screen.
  • You can add extras like pictures, emojis, stickers, and others before you save.
  • Making a video with pictures using this Inshot application is also possible.
  • To do this, open the Inshot application and click videos. Choose photos from your gallery and add them to the application. Click the canvas button below. Select and press the ratio button and select 4:5 size. Then expand the picture to fit the screen.
  • You can edit and add the text too. Once you are happy and satisfied, you can save the stool picture movie you created.
  • To quickly fit a picture to the phone screen, open the Inshot application and click photo.
  • Choose your setting size and then have the picture size adjusted to fit the screen.
  • When you are done and happy click on the tick box and then save.
  • You now have an image that is perfectly sized to fit the digital card and also your phone. This can now be uploaded at Vimeo and YouTube for videos and pictures directly to your card.
  • If you have a vertical video and want to quickly edit it for free so that they fit your phone perfectly in a 4:5 ratio. Click on the video tab from the F4L page. Once you open the resizer, click on the choose button and select the video file from your personal computer that you want to resize.
  • The editor will open, your current movie will be in a 16:9 ratio. Click on the resizer box again on the right.
  • Select the last option which is 4:5 in ratio size. This will have your movie resized. You may find an existing border in the movie.
  • Click the fill now button to have your video in 4:5. This video will now fit your phone screen perfectly.
  • If your video is not well centered, go to the crossbow icon. Using the movie icon, adjust the position of the video on the screen.
  • Click on the Save button if you are satisfied with it.
  • Your video will now start rendering. When the rendering is complete, proceed and download the new video to your personal computer and have it uploaded to your Vimeo account.
  • Look for the URL of this video in Vimeo, copy it from Vimeo, and paste it at Vimeo video space on the F4L website to upload a video to your F4L card. You now have a phone digital video.

Benefits of a digital card

Having a digital card that stands out is what you should aim for. The importance is not something you will want to miss out on. This is the reason why we have made it easy for you to get on our website. You don’t need to have or download any application before you can make a digital card that will stand out with our F4L website. The Benefits of having an F4L digital card that stands out include:


1.    Easy To Share

This is considered by many as one of the top benefits of using our F4L website to make a digital card. Having your digital personal or business card shared with people, your employees or customers is easy. It is easy to share the digital card with them. You can make use of QR codes, text or SMS, social media, etc. There is no need to meet a client physically to hand over the card to him.

2.    Stand Out

It is of paramount importance to know that not all business owners are using a digital card. What does this mean to you? It simply means you are standing out easily with your F4L digital card towards your customers. It is not just a means to advertise your business but also to impress your clients that you know the current trend. This has all it takes to increase your business efficiency. With this in place, you are standing out from your business competitors especially those who are using the paper cards.

3.    Media Attraction

Another great benefit of having an F4L digital card that stands out is the possibility of adding different social network platforms and review sites that you belong to. With this, your potential customers can easily have a look into your business services and product. With a digital card made from the F4L website, videos of your business, link to your review and survey sites, track and trace software, call waiter software and more can be added to it. The usefulness of this is many. As earlier mentioned, videos are great means of promoting your business. When there are many social media that you are in are included on your digital card, clients will believe your business is trustworthy and reliable. This will increase your company’s sales. A digital card that stands out will enhance the engagement you have with the media. Guess what? You can create this yourself without hiring any digital designer.

4.    Information storage is convenient

A digital card that supports storing information conveniently is one that stands out. You don’t have this feature or advantage with a paper personal or business card. To get this, create your digital card using the F4L website. It supports you to add your different social network accounts like Instagram, Twitter, your phone number, website, URL, fax number, contact address, and many more on the digital card.

5.    Easy to update Information

You have to start afresh to redesign a paper card when there is a piece of information to update. This is not what a small business want. As a business owner, you want to minimize your expense as much as possible. This is not the same with an F4L digital business or personal card. You can easily have the new piece of information updated. There is no need to redesign anything or pay any graphic designer.

6.    Encourages Contact Management

It is easy to have your contacts managed with an F4L digital card. All of your contacts from address, phone number, email, and more are easily managed. 

7.    Customization is Easy

You have to pass through a difficult task when you want to customize your paper business card. It is Aldo not easy in some digital cards but this is not experienced with the F4L digital cards. You can comfortably stay anywhere with an internet connection and customize your digital card to what you want or how you want it to appear. Just choose the font, color, and other necessary attributes of your choice. Your digital card will be as new as ever.

8.    Cost-Effective

Every business owner wants the best and affordable materials for his business to grow. The cost of having a paper card or doing traditional marketing is much. Also, the number of people that will see your business is less. You will have to spend heavily to make your business visible. This is not so with the digital card that stands out created from our website. The digital card is free and if you are to spend money on anything at all, the price would be nothing compared to that of a paper card or other digital cards made from other companies.

Final Thought

Everything that has to do with creating vertical video and pictures and uploading them on a digital video card is made easy with our website. The steps have been explained in the article you just read. Hurry up and have it done to have your business promoted through videos and sales increased. 

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