There is every possibility of having a new team member join your team only for him to relax without doing his task or choosing to do something else. A business owner will not always be available to oversee what is happening in a business environment or venture. As a result of the inability of a business owner to be around at all times, a team member who is being paid can pretend he is working only when the business owner is around and vice versa. Also, different malicious activities can be going on in a business without the knowledge of the business owner. This has made the desire for a system that can be able to track the activities of team members high.

Some software can do that and one of them that has proven itself trustworthy and reliable on different occasions is the F4L digital card system. We will discuss this system before we move to how you can use it to track the activities of your team members. Meanwhile, visit our website on to read more.


Who we are?

An F4L system is a cloud-based software that is designed with you in mind. We know you want to have your business running easier, faster, and better with results. As a cloud-based system, you can use it for your business by downloading any extra applications. You can use it from anywhere to add new team members to your business, assign works to the team members, and also track the activities of these team members whether old or new members. It is not difficult to do and you don’t need to be trained on the basics of the internet to learn how to use the software or to track your team members. Before you, as an administrator can track your team members, you must have added them already to your team and may also have assigned tasks to them. So, how do you add your team members?

How Team Members are added to your team using the F4L system

As earlier stated, tracking your team members comes after you have added them. To add new team members to your team is easy. Just go to the menu back of our F4L software after login in with your email and password and click on my account tab. From the new menu that is dropped down, select the add team member button and enter the email address of the team member, password and confirm the password before clicking on the add button. With this your team member can start performing activities you assigned to him such as card creation, listing, adding new members, etc.

How to Track your team Members activities

Before anything else, you must understand that the way an admin logs into the website is different from the way a team member logs in. While a team member will have to select the team member login from the login tab through the menu bar, an admin logs in through another page. Secondly, adding team members and removing team members from the team can only be done on the F4L pro account which comes in monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription. So, if your account is not a free but a pro account, let’s go-ahead to find out how to track your team members’ activities.

How To Track Team Members Activities

  • Go to the menu bar and click on my account tab. Scroll down to my team button and click on it. A new page will appear with the names of your team members, their email, password change, delete, and activities button.
  • To check the activities of any of your team members, click on the view activities button beside the team member.
  • A new page will appear, team members’ activity page. From here, you can see the activities of that specific team member. You can predict from here what the team member has been doing and the time for his doings such as time of log out, picture deleting from the gallery, updating his listing, etc.
  • You can search your teach members’ activities using various parameters. It could be searched using the time or name of the activities such as login, listing, etc. To do this, enter the name of the activity on the search button that you will see on this page.
  • Go back and do this if you want to search the activities of another team member. It is simple, easy, and can be done in a few clicks.

The F4L system was designed in a way that the activities button will not be displayed when a member opens the “my team” page. This is done for security purposes. Only the admin or manager can have access to the activities button and information.

Final Thought

If you have ever wanted to have a close eye on your business partners or employees without getting close to them, you are not alone. The desire is there for almost if not all business owners. To be able to get this done without spending much or going beyond your budget, use our F4L track and trace software today. Our software can be used at all times from the comfort of your home. You can easily assign a team member the access to add other team members especially when you are not around or very engaged. It is easy, fast, and simple.