Covid-19 pandemic has become a disaster for most businesses around the world. The World Health Organization has laid down some new health guidelines which must be adhered. Thus a lot of businesses are implementing the use of new tech to reduce people contact. Virtual check-in and check out systems have been one of the frequently used technology. 

There are a plethora of benefits which various business can accrue from using virtual check-in systems. This includes;

  • Saving time
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increase in revenue
  • Improves customer loyalty.

The F4L virtual check-in and check out system is the go-to choice if you are looking for such benefits. Here is all the information you need to know about this technology. 

F4L Virtual Check IN Check OUT System

Why should you use the F4L check-in and check out system?

It can be a gruesome task having to deal with all the ins and outs of a business. However, technology has come out to make your life a little bit easier. The F4L check-in and check out the virtual system has all the attributes to take your business to the next level. It does not matter whether you are operating a shop, hospital, store, bar, hotel, nursing home or a school. It is a great tool to add to your business. Here is a look at some of its features.

  • Our check-in and check out systems can track visitors activities once they interact with it.
  • It can also track staff activity and be able to establish the hours worked. This will play a big role when creating their payroll since all their activities will be logged in the system. 
  • The system can save staff information such as timestamps which can be downloaded, saved and shared via email.
  • It further calculates employee hours including the breaks they take.
  • The F4L check-in and check out system helps businesses to avoid long queues when interacting with visitors. This is especially for companies with high visitor volume.
  • The virtual check-in and check out reduces paperwork and signatures which businesses encounter with their customers.
  • The system uses unique QR codes which customers and visitors can scan when they check-in. It entails their details like the time that they check-in. Also for visitors like in hospitals it encompasses who they are going to visit and the arrival time. Besides, the QR codes are printable with all the details of the company such as the logo and the name.
  • On the other end, the staff can view all those who are seeking to interact with them. This entails visitors details and how long they have been waiting to be attended. The staff can transfer the details from the control monitor to the main monitor.
  • The F4L virtual check-in and check out system is easy to handle. It entails all business details and that of the staff, admins, locations and more. This makes it easy for businesses to manage their operations.
  • The system has a history tab which the management can use to check about visitor details and time stamps.
  • All information is further stored in the cloud. Therefore it can be accessed in the future. 
  • Staff and visitors can access the system using digital cards. Further, they can opt to either show or not show activation or deactivation of the card. The digital cards are available on the F4L website.

How to set up the F4L check-in and check out system.

When you think about integrating a virtual check-in system the sole aim is to improve customer experience. You will want your guests to enjoy all your services so that they can come back. More so, this will keep your business running thus ensuring that revenue is trickling in your pocket.  

The good thing about the F4L check-in and check out the virtual system is that it is simple to set up and use. Here are some steps to follow when installing this software. 

Step 1

Create a digital card.

First, you need to create a business digital card so that you can integrate all your activities. The best part is that it is free and contactless. You just need to sign up for the card on the F4L website

You will then add your business information such as the name, logo, social media handles and review sites. 

The software will further guide you to the check-in and check out icon. You will be availed with three options:

  1. Show on the card and activate on the dashboard. At this point, any guest who taps on this icon will be directed to the check-in and check out screen. You can view all activity on this card. 
  2. Don’t show the icon on the card and don’t activate. This step will be a contrast to the first step. Don’t show the icon on the card and don’t activate. This step will be a contrast to the first step.
  3. Activate the dashboard but don’t show the icon on the card.  This is a quicker way to check-in and out since you can access the dashboard directly. 

It is important to save your changes once you are done with this step


Step 2

Go to find my card page.

You can find this directive on the menu section. There is a variety of options but you will go-ahead to “My Card” icon. You will click on the “Admin’ icon and a new dashboard will be opened where the F4L virtual check-in and check out software will be installed.

Step 3

Create QR Codes

As mentioned earlier our software uses QR codes which can be scanned by guests to avail themselves various services. They are also printable you just have to make sure they entail all your business information. 

When you click on the “create, edit and print QR codes” icon a new dashboard will pop up which will have two templates. One of the templates is used by staff while the other is for visitors when they check in using the virtual system.

On the same templates, there is a green logo which you should click on to add all your business information. At this point, your company logo and name are the key details the software will require. Once you click submit, you can refresh the page and you will be taken back to the two templates. However, they will have all your company details which you filled in and you can therefore print the QR codes. 

The first template on the left is for guests and you can put it on the main entrance of your company’s property. The other template is for staff when they are logging in to the F4L virtual check-in and check out system.


Step 4

Set up Admin details. 

A large company requires that your staff has all the software’s details to ensure work efficiency. It is paramount that you avail admins details on the virtual check-in and check out system and keep them updated. 

You will go back to the main menu and click on “Admin.” Add their details and give them the login passwords to the F4L website.

Step 5

Set up Staff details

Your staff will require to log in every time they report to work as well as input other duties. You can add details of all your staff, but make sure to avail the passwords. The F4L virtual check-in and check out system will calculate staff hours and breaks thus ensuring labour efficiency.

Step 6

Delete Admin or Staff details.

There are instances when you can be prompted to delete your employee details from the software. You will go to the admin or staff page and you can delete or edit the details.

Step 7

Add, edit and assign departments. 

If you want the virtual check-in system to work effectively it is crucial to add all the departments in your business. 

There is a button on the main screen “add, edit departments, and assign staff’ which you can fill these details. All the names of the departments will appear and you can assign each of your employees to their designated departments. 

On top of the same page, there is the ” Edit ” button which you can manage or remove departments assigned to the staff. 

After you complete these steps your software will be ready to use. You can

  • View all activity such as staff and guests who have checked in on the main control of the F4L website.
  • Also, you can keep tabs on the staff and the guests they are serving. If its a hospital you can check which patient has a visitor.
  • You can search for all the information you need by searching on a date, staff or department.
  • You can save all the information about the day on the history button.

How does the F4L virtual check-in and check out system work for guests?

If you have set up the software well then it is bound to work without any hitches. Here is a guide on how the system works from the word go. 

Step 1

The guests arrive and they scan the printed QR codes. Then they fill in the details of the person they came to see. At this point, all details are recorded on the main control screen which will show that the guest is waiting to be served by staff. 

Step 2

On the other end, the staff will receive a notification on their phone that their guest has arrived. Moreso the message “WAITING” will pop up on their screen.

Step 3

Once the staff goes to serve their visitor they should tap on the “Waiting” button on their phone to change to “Being Seen.” These changes will also be recorded on the main control screen.

Step 4

When visitors are done they can click on “Check out” on their phone. They will be checked out on the main dashboard as well as the time they leave will be put on record. However, if they fail to check out virtually, the staff can do this manually. 

Step 5

All activities of the day can be put on the history tab for future reference.

How does the F4L virtual check-in and check out system work for staff?

Step 1

The first time that the staff interact with the virtual check-in system they will have to log in. 

Step 2

There are various buttons on the staff main screen such as the check out button. For instance, this button is used when they are going for breaks such as lunch. Besides they will have to check back in once they are back from their breaks. All this information will be recorded on the main screen timestamp.

Step 3

When the staff are done for the day they have to log out from the system. 

Step 4

On the main control dashboard, there will be a record of all the hours the staff have worked. You can search for staff timestamps based on the date, name amd department. You can acquire all the timestamp data for a specific job on a specific day. Moreover, you can download the template of the timestamp. This will be beneficial when calculating time worked and when issuing their payroll. 

In summary the F4L virtual check-in and check out system is easy to set up and use. It will play a big role in your company ensuring efficiency for all your guests and staff members.