The sole aim of a business is to make a profit. Thus every investment entrepreneur’s inputs should have a positive effect on the business. One of the best investments to have in your business currently is a virtual check-in and check out system

Since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of things have changed. Many more people and businesses have beefed up security in terms who they get to interact with anytime. Organizations are looking for ways to increase security and reduce the spread of the Covid-19. Do you know who is walking into your business premises? Do you know which staff they interacted with? How would you track individuals? Then you need technology which will help keep your staff and guests. safe. A visitor management system is a go-to choice for entrepreneurs looking to protect their businesses. It is not only for this purpose but to ensure customer loyalty from each client.


What is a visitor management system?

Receptionists have one of the hardest jobs in any company. One of the toughest things they have to do is tracking their guests’ activities at all times. This includes checking visitors in and out. 

However, things can be less complicated by investing in a virtual check-in and check out system. A visitor management system is one which will replace your human receptionist since it is completely augmented.  A cloud-based system can be customised to suit the needs of the company, guests and the employees. Also, it has other benefits which we will look into later in the article. 

The F4L virtual check-in and check out system avails a business all the prospects of customer loyalty. It is the go-to choice if you are looking to revamp your company and increase customer loyalty. Also, it is bound to help in saving costs of operations.

Benefits of using a visitor management system.

Investing in a virtual check-in system can have a positive impact on your company. Here is a look at some of the benefits which you can reap by using it. 

1) It will increase security for your company.

Do you still use paper log books at your workplace? If the answer is yes then you need to switch to a virtual check-in system. A paper logbook can hurt your company such that:

  • Physical data can be lost and jeopardized.
  • It is inefficient.
  • It can increase the risk of diseases spreading such as the Covid-19.

It is important that once your company switches to a virtual check-in system that it configures to the security requirements. This will help leverage more security data for both the visitors and the staff. A heightened security interface will help your company steer off security breaches.  Here is a breakdown of why you should increase workplace security.

  • It reduces the risk of spreading diseases.

Paper data can easily be contaminated. We are currently living in a world where people to people contact is a risk. Covid 19 is changing how businesses interact with their clients. However, opting for a visitor management system such as the F4L virtual check-in and check out system is the best option. For instance, this system is paperless thus you can sign in virtually. Every guest and staff have access to QR codes which are printable and they can use to sign in a business. This ensures contactless service which is efficient.

  • It is essential during contact tracing.

A visitor management system records all activity from both the visitors and the guests. The F4L virtual check-in and check out system captures all data of everyone who uses the system. Also, the information can be downloaded, saved and shared across all departments.

  • Helps in visual identification.

Visitor management systems take photo identification and important details of your guests. The F4L virtual check-in and check-out system ensure that visitors and staff input their details. The best part is that they are available on digital cards which are printable.

  • Screen visitors.

Visitor management systems can screen which visitors are allowed and unwanted on the premises. They can screen visits details against third party databases. When an unwanted visitor checks in, it triggers a security alert and security personnel are notified. 

  • Educate on safety measures.

You can customise your visitor management system to relay important information. For instance, the F4L virtual check-in and check out system can integrate third party information for your company.

  • Improves response emergency plans.

If there’s an emergency you can use the visitor management system to send alerts from the main control. This will help formulate and execute a good emergency plan.

2) Grow your visitor traffic.

Every business owner knows that any individual who walks into the doors of your company is a potential customer, client or staff. A digital visitor logbook is essential especially in a business that has high visitor traffic. All information is available since it is put on the system electronically. Moreover, you can integrate your virtual check-in system with your Customer Relation Management(CRM). 

Some situations prompt a company to record personal information of their guests for future use. For instance, such occasions include;

  • Large meetings
  • Special events held at the company premises.
  • Company tours, fairs and workshops.

The F4L virtual check-in and check out system can save all information for later use. You might want to contact different visitors and employees for any follow-up.  The information is easily available since you can search it by entering the name, date or department of the individual.

3) Increases efficiency when dealing with staff.

During this pandemic business owners rarely have a daily face to face interaction with staff. This is especially for employees who are working at home. However, you can monitor them by using a virtual check-in system.

The F4L virtual check-in and check out system will help you keep track of all staff activity. For example, you can track which staff is handling which guest. Also, you can get all information about a specific employee and their working hours since the system records timestamps. Moreover, all the information on record about staff can be used when paying them. 

Using a visitor management system will also ensure that good staff can use their time in necessary activities. For instance, they can use their time to serve and grow visitor relationships. 

4) Builds your brand.

How can you keep customers loyal to your business? The answer is simple; branding. Over the past couple of years, online branding has been the go-to choice for entrepreneurs. Creating an online brand can help your business reach the limits of success. It does not matter whether your business is large or small. 

A visitor management system gives you the chance to showcase your company. Thus every time that a guest interacts with the system they get a glimpse of your business. Therefore your company colours and logo must be memorable. 

The F4L virtual check-in and check out system gives you a chance to market your business. Once you set up your business on the website, clients can interact with the software easily. You can use the system to showcase your vision and what you entail.

5) Has a good impact on the environment.

The current global warming rates are alarming. Thus any small initiative to save Mother Earth can go a long way to keep her safe. A virtual check-in system one of the best environmentally options available for you. The system is automatically online which means that no paper is wasted. The F4L virtual check-in and check out system emphasizes on the use of digital cards. 

This is a way for your company to have a positive impact on the environment. Also, your guests will be glad using an automated system since they will feel they have a contribution to saving the planet.

6) A visitor management software helps reduce waiting time.

Time is money. If your company has a large volume of guests then it is a priority to reduce the waiting time at the check-in desk. There is nothing worse than losing customers due to long waiting periods. Luckily a  virtual check-in system can significantly reduce the waiting time. Also, staff can spend their precious time on necessary tasks rather than having to monitor clients.

Where can you find a visitor management system?

There are a couple of visitor management systems but the go-to choice should be the F4L virtual check-in and check out system. It has all the features to ensure that your customers keep coming back. It is easy to use and also customers can interact with third party options. Moreso it gives you the perfect chance to track your staff and their activities. It will also help when issuing payroll to your employees.  All data is stored on the cloud thus you can retrieve it from any source. There is no better virtual check-in, software than what we are offering.  

If you want more information about the software then be sure to check the F4L website. Your business will be soaring through the roof with this software.