Social clickable images are images that are used mainly for marketing purposes. Clickable images are posted on different social media platforms to boost the level of engagement and generate extra traffic on a website from social network platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. These images can serve as means to promote services and products. You can also make use of social cards or images to promote your blog posts, landing pages, and software downloads. When such images are clicked, it takes the computer user to the destination website for more information. This shows how important clickable images are to business owners.

Almost all social media or network platforms are stopping the ability to click an image as a button to take you to the URL or resources you have chosen to set up your business marketing. Due to this, many are looking for a way to overcome this. From this article, you will find out how you can overcome this restriction.


How to create clickable pictures from the F4L website

Creating a clickable picture for your marketing purpose is possible and easy through our website F4L Systems. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • From our website, go to my tools tab from the menu bar. Click on the bar.
  • Scroll down to social clickable images and click on them.
  • A new page will appear where you will see a sign up free button and beside it is a tutorial video on how you can create social cards others known as clickable images.
  • You will also see a big graphic display with the caption, “How to create clickable social cards in seconds with any image”. Still on this big graphic banner, as you scroll down, you will see how to create them, how to place them on Facebook and other social media platforms, and other information.
  • Scroll back to the explanation video beside the sign up free button. Click play on the tutorial video and press the enlarge button to have the video covering your screen for better visual.
  • From the video, log in to the website displayed there.
  • Upload an image. You can also copy and paste the link of the image you want into space for the image URL. The picture must already be online for it to work.
  • When you upload an image directly from your personal computer, proceed and give your card or image a title and description.
  • Then enter the destination URL (a website address that the card will be when clicked).
  • Go ahead to preview the social card and adjust and rotate the image to what you want. You can use the slider to zoom it in or out based on your taste. It is also possible for you to click and drag.
  • There are two arrow buttons between the image. You can use it or the buttons above the picture to preview the appearance of the picture on a different social media platform. This means you have the option for your image to be displayed individually.
  • When you are done after every adjustment, click on the finish button. You can now share your image to different social media platforms by copying the image’s link from the website and pasting it on the social media platforms you want. The images will automatically be covered to a social clickable card. It is that simple and easy.
  • To make it easier, you can post your chosen platform using the quick share button.

Final Thought

As stated above a clickable image is an important tool for social media or network marketing. Social cards are used to increase the engagement of your business websites. Through it, products and services are brought closer to the customers as clicking on clickable images will take you to the website for more information. The importance can’t be overemphasized and every business owner should make use of it. Creating a social card is not difficult and this is because we made it to be so. By just logging in on our websites and following the above steps above, you can create your personal or business clickable images in a few clicks. It is that simple and easy.