Everything in life is becoming easier with the right tools. What we often spend time to do before is what we can now do from the comfort of our home at ease. This is possible with the internet. With a good network connection, desktop, laptop, and even smartphone, we can achieve a lot. One of the things we can achieve is to create a website of almost every type. You can now create a food website, fitness website, and also a CV or resume writing website. If you have the passion or have found a niche in writing a resume but without a website, this is an opportunity to stop losing money.

You need to build authority as a resume writer with a website and you can achieve this now not tomorrow with our F4L Website Builder. Everything has been designed with loving templates that you can still customize to what you want. What then are you waiting for if not to get started immediately? From this article, you will learn how to build a resume website and how to link it up online using your digital card. We will be doing this on our website on F4L Systems.


How to Build a Resume Website

Now that we know you can build a resume website without knowing how to code or paying heavily with our website building software, let’s see get started. Follow these easy steps to achieve it:

  • Visit our website from the aforementioned website and locate the new site button. This button can be seen from the menu bar on top of the screen.
  • Click on the new site button on the menu bar. 
  • On clicking on the new site button, multiple templates of different niches will be displayed. You will see menu or restaurant templates, and others too numerous to mention. 
  • Look for the resume or CV template amongst other available templates.
  • When you see it click on it.
  • A new page will open showing you different home page designs you can use for the resume website you want to create. Go through the home pages and make a decision. Click on the one you love and would love to customize if need be.
  • Look for the launch button. When you see it, click on it. Clicking on it is a step towards having the resume websites you have always dreamt of.

It is now time to make your resume website go online for your customers and potential customers to see. To achieve this, add any of your digital cards. If you don’t have any, create one from our website.

  • The next step is to have the resume website you have created with our F4L website building software saved as a preview. Look at the icon on the right-hand side of your screen. Press the icon.
  • It will bring up different options, click on the website setting button.
  • You will be taken to a new page where you are to enter your newly created resume website domain name. Fill up the other requirements on the form.
  • Move your cursor down till you see the choose an option button. Press the bottom when you locate it.
  • Select a subfolder.
  • Type the new name you want to give your website.
  • Click on the save button and publish.
  • The URL of your created resume website should be copied as you will need to paste it somewhere as we proceed.
  • Locate the basic information tab.
  • Go to the background tab and choose the site. You can now paste the copied URL of your website on the space available for the website URL.
  • Save by clicking on the save button.
  • Your website is now online and you are ready to start editing, customizing, and telling people about the website.
  • Since you have created a CV or resume website, add it to the resume button.
  • Your website is up and running now.
  • If there is any text you do not like, simply highlight, edit and change it to what you want. There is a button known as a preview. If you want to check the appearance of your website after editing, click on it.
  • Add up videos of your choice and always type in the link of the video especially if you got it from YouTube. To add video, go to the component button from the left sidebar, then click the media and drag the video you want to the page.
  • It is almost the same method when adding images. Here, click on the change icon button and select the picture you want. You can choose directly from your laptop gallery.
  • Save the changes.


Get started with our F4L Website Building Software Today to create for yourself a resume website that you will use to serve your customers. With your website running, attracting more clients become easier as you are now considered more trustworthy. This will thereby boost your business and increase your income. 

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