Many things can lead a business owner to add members to his team. It could be that the activities are getting much for him or the current team to do. A business owner can also choose to add a new team member due to his experience in a skill or the other. One of the goals of a business owner is to have the best hands working for the company. When the best hands are on a project with the right management, nothing will stop the business from scaling up.

However, a time can come and a business owner will want to remove a member from his team for one reason or the other. This doesn’t mean the team member is not good. Many factors can lead to this.

To be able to easily manage a team, many business owners are looking for software that can make the work easier for them. They need software that can help them check the activities of team members and from here know the input of every member. This will help such business owners to know who deserves to stay or be removed.

The desire for such a system contributed to the development of the F4L company. The F4L system which you can access through is a cloud-based software that you don’t need to download any application again for it to work. This is one of the reasons many businesses are incorporating it to make work easier for them. They won’t have to pay extra money to run their business to optimal productivity with the website. Also due to the ease of use especially in adding and removing members as well as guiding team members on how to log in, many businesses are adopting the software. Let’s proceed on how you can add and edit and get a team member to login with this software.


How team members are added, edited, and removed

First and foremost, you need to know that F4L free accounts don’t support adding and editing team members. To add and edit team members with the F4L system can only be done and accessible for a pro account. It could be F4L pro monthly, F4L pro yearly, and F4L lifetime. Of course, they have different prices. Now that you know this and have subscribed to an F4L pro account, let’s go to how you can add a new team member.

How to add a team member to the F4L pro account

Maybe you have seen someone you believe will add more to your business growth, and you can wait to see him working. To add him up to your team using the system, follow these steps:

  • From the general login page, enter your password and email and login to the F4L system. Go to the menu bar of the website and locate my account tab.
  • Click on my account tab. You will see a sub-menu with different buttons or functions. Scroll down to the add team member and click on it.
  • A new page will appear which is known as the add team member page. You will see details to enter such as name, email, password, and confirm password. Fill up space and click on the green add button.
  • A pop-up notification will come up indicating that the new team member was successfully added.
  • The add team member page will refresh and another page, “my team” will come up. On this new page, you will see the names of team members already in your team and the new member you have added. You will see on this page your team members’ names, members’ email, change password button, delete button, and activities button. These buttons all have their functions and we will explain to them as we progress in the article.
  • There is another way to get to my team page. All you should do is to go to the menu bar, click on my account tab abs scroll down to my team, then click on it and do what you want.

How to change the password of a team member

Many things can make you change the password of your team member. Whatever the reason is, it is easy to do. Just go ahead and click on the password button of that particular team member from my team page. A new page will appear for you to enter the new password and to reenter the password. To confirm if the password is correct, click on the little button with a padlock sign on it at the same field with the password and then reenter a password. If you are satisfied, click on the green change password button.

How to delete a team member

You can choose to delete team members for one reason or the other. To do this, click on the red delete button of the team member. You will receive a confirmation text with a button if you want to delete it. Go ahead and confirm the delete action. You should be aware that once you delete a team member, you can’t retrieve the team member details back. You will have to add the person’s details back if you still need him in the future by going through the add new member page.

How to view a team member’s activities

You can also view the activities of your team members to know what they have done. This will help you to checkmate their activities and their roles in the organization. It is easy to view the activities just as it is easy to add and remove a team member. To do this, scroll down to the team member that you want to find out his activities. Click on it and a page will come up. You can search his activities with time or function parameters like login, listing, etc.

How to get a team member to log in

The path an administrator uses to log in is not the same way for team members. For a team member to log in after you have added him, he needs to go to the login tab on the menu bar, click on it, and then on team member login. A new page will come up where he is to enter his email and password. By now you should have given him his password. He can now enter his email and password and click on the login button. A notification will pop up below the login button indicating a successful login. Just wait for it a bit to open up.


With the F4L system, it is easy to add, edit and delete team members in your organization. You can be able to run your business well with this cloud-based software. It doesn’t require any other download for its works. Just get the details of the new members you want to add to your team and follow the steps explained above. You may not always be available to watch over your team member. With this system, you will get to know his activities and from this know if he is a good addition to your business or not. You can also remove the team member if he is doing his task well.

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Get your business team members well managed with our F4L software. It will help you to add, edit and remove any team members. It is easy to do. 

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