Making use of our F4L software has made lots of work of business owners easier and better. While it is good to be a great leader in the business you are doing, the importance of having team members beside you can help you achieve more. It is often said that two is better than one. Also, when there is extra hands-on a project, it is easier to achieve it faster. Many things can contribute to you deciding to add team members using F4L software to make the running of your business better and more productive. You may choose to add new members because you don’t want to do every work yourself. Your busy schedule can also contribute to your decision to add a new team member. You may desire to have another on your business using the F4L system to help you in creating cards, creating mini web pages, doing the autoresponder, and many other tasks.

For whatever the reason is, you can add team members to your F4L account on However, adding new team members is a feature only those with pro accounts can enjoy. So, if you don’t have a pro account but a free account, you might decide now to get a pro account now. Let’s proceed on how to add team members and also track their activities using our cloud-based website.


How to scale with the F4L system by adding team members

To scale your business activities up, you should add new team members while you focus on other important activities. You can also check the activities of your team members when you are chance without software.

To get you started, do the following:

  • As an administrator, you will use the normal login passage and not the team member passage. So fill in your login details, that is email and password and click on the login button.
  • A new page will open. Go to my account tab from the menu bar on top of your screen. Scroll down on the submenu that comes up after clicking on my account tab and locate the add team member button.
  • Click on it and a new page will open which is known as the add team member page. You will see a form to fill with details such as name, email, password, and confirm password. Fill up the details and click on the add button.
  • On clicking on the add button, you will see a pop-up notification bar below the page indicating that a team member was added successfully. You can do this for other new team members you want to add.
  • Go to my team page and refresh. The details of the new member added will be added to the old members.
  • The new member can now start working, adding a listing, deleting images, creating new cards, and doing other activities you have assigned him to do. As earlier said, the login passage for team members is different from that of the administration.
  • At the team member page, you can change the password of your team members, delete their accounts, and do other things. This is simple and takes a few clicks to achieve.

How to track the activities of your team members

As earlier stated, you will see where to change your team member’s password and delete accounts. There is another button with the caption activities. It is from this button that you can trace and track what your team members are doing. To search the activities of any team member, scroll down to that particular team member and click on his activities button. It will take you to the team member’s activities page. It is from this window that you will see his activities here.

You can search your team member’s activities with parameters like time and name of activity using the search field button on the right-hand side. Type in the time you want or the activity like login, listening, etc. If such a business team member performed an activity based on the parameter you used, it will appear below. 

Final Thought

When you work alone, you can do well but get stressed and not be able to meet deadlines. Working with team members can make work easier and service production faster. You can use our F4L system to scale up your business by adding new members and tracking their activities. This will increase your business income, growth and help you focus on other important things as they manage or an administrator. It is easy to make use of our cloud-based website achieving this.

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