We live in a time when technology is the order of the day. The world is going paperless, which is beneficial to the trees and severe businesses and professionals who want to reach more prospects. Digital business cards are a game-changer, and the best part is, they are usable across any trade or profession.

From law firms to hotels and restaurants, a digital business card can go a long way to help you attract more customers to your business. It is, however, essential to ensure that you use the right digital business card app. That is because some apps used to design these cards are limited when it comes to features and what you can include on your electronic business card as far as your marketing needs are concerned.

F4L Digital Business Card System

How can the best digital business card save your business?

Provided that you have a product or service to offer, a digital business card can make your work easier in so many ways. In a time when social restrictions are making it impossible for people to dine, a digital business card can take your restaurant to the customer, and this is how;

Add all your links to your digital business card.

As a restaurant, you probably have links to your social media pages and other resources to give your customer a better insight into what you are all about. Usually, putting all these links in one place and presenting it to your customers can be impossible. With a F4L digital business card, you can have all these links offered without any complications.

Add a menu to your digital business card.

To stop people handling paper menus, you need to  access the menu in your restaurant Digitally. You can present it digitally through your business card.There is a menu button and that can link to one of the premade F4L menus in their website builder or it can link to any menu you already have made, which is smart so you can adapt to to use the card anyway that suits your business needs.  We all know the importance of looking at the menu before ordering either at the table and, and since people are staying at home, you can take your menu to them. An excellent digital business app will enable you to include a menu button on your business card so that you can share more than your contact details through your business card you will find all these functions and more on the F4L digital card platform all in one easy place .

Include a photo slide to your digital business card

Digital Business Card Slider

Pictures make a significant impact, especially when it comes to digital content. As a bar or restaurant, you will want to showcase your dishes in the form of images. Through a digital business card, you can easily include a photo slide to your business card for your customers to have a better perspective of what you are offering. With the  F4L system you can add up to 12 slider images of your choice which is plenty to share your work or present your business .

Add videos to your digital business card.

Background Video to Digital Business Cards

As stated earlier, videos have a high probability of conversion compared to plain captions and pictures. That is because videos offer more details and are easy to understand. As a restaurant or bar, video marketing is critical, mostly when Covid-19 has made it impossible for people to enjoy real dining experiences. Through videos, you can offer more to your customers and entice them to order from your restaurant.

Add the bookings button to your digital business card.

Although eating out may have some restrictions, some restaurants still operate but not at full capacity. To make it easier for customers, bars and restaurants are today admitting customers in terms of reservations. That means, before getting a table or accommodation, you first need to reserve with the restaurant or bar of your choice. This can be done with the appointment or click and collect software, once the person arrives at your bar or club they can then use the virtual queue to save waiting if the line is is long and come back once its their  turn. You can also integrate your business card with the call waiter app so that you can receive calls and orders from your customers once sat down , so customers are not being ignored anymore.

Add your business to google maps with a digital business card.

F4L Digital Business Card Google Map

Customers can quickly locate your bar or restaurant if they can pin its location. This is one of the most important reasons why it is vital to include the location of your restaurant or bar in your digital business card. The process is not complicated and beats the traditional way of showing directions in business cards, which included mentioning streets. When you pin the location of your business, customers can easily find it using map app services.

Stay connected to your customers.

Digital Business Cards Connecting Icons

Once you have shared your digital business card with your connections, they remain part of your business. That is because you can reach out to them with adverts, discounts, and coupon promotions, among other marketing activities. There will be no need to have long mailing lists and costly online marketing activities that may not accomplish their goal. However, when you run adverts through your digital business card, you will be targeting specific people who have already shown interest in your business. The card integrates with survey forms and review sites like yellow pages so when the customers and enjoying the experience it will be worth asking them to leave a review or join  your facebook group so you can market to them again later.

Other benefits of creating a F4L digital business card for your bar and restaurant business

F4L Digital Business Card

On top of putting your business in a strategic position for customers, F4L digital business cards can have other benefits. However, it is essential to know that the kind of extra benefits you will get from your digital business card dramatically depends on the design of your picture and video you use , if its a bad picture , well they do say a picture says a thousand words , so make sure you put only good quality pictures in the card to represent your brand ats its best and if just card for you then a smart picture works best for your card

If you make the right choice, you can make more money with your digital business card through the F4l affiliate program. You will find more details when you sign up for your free card by helping promote it to paying users like bars clubs estate agents and recruitment companies that a commission can be earnt. The ability to earn is for both free digital business cards users and paying customers too.

The world has today changed thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Being physically in contact with people has become a health risk. The pandemic has accelerated the need for technology in solving daily life problems, and digital business cards are one way to do this. Digital business cards will help you avoid coming into contact with people hence minimizing the chances of getting infected. You never know where someone has been before handing you their business card; therefore, digital business cards encourage good hygiene.

Easy to Use Digital Cards

Electronic business cards are easily integrable with several apps that will make it easier to manage and market your business. This is impossible with the traditional business cards since once you dish them out, that is it. Digital business cards, on the other hand, will open up more options and possibilities that will supersede your expectations of a business card.

Digital business cards are cost-effective, as can have your electronic business card free of charge with F4L. All you need to do is sign up, there are no printing or design services required with digital business cards. That is because you can easily design your card using the pre-designed templates and the drag and drop feature.

Most probably, you will want to make your digital business card available on your social media platforms. There are plenty of ready-made social media marketing materials that you can use to improve your online marketing activities. It saves time and money to have such vital marketing tools for free and ready to use. Creating social media ads can be costly, and depending on the designer, it can take longer than it should be. You can avoid all these setbacks only if you use the best free digital business card app.

Finding the right digital business card app for your business

Although there are many apps for designing business cards, it will help to know that not all of them are genuine or will offer you what you expect. That is why it is essential to do some research before settling on a digital business card design app. It is also crucial to know that most of these digital card apps come with free and premium services, and you should find out what both options entail. When you compare the F4L card software with other offers available you will see their is really only one option to go with the F4L card system.

For your bar and restaurant business, you will need a business design app that will provide you with vital features and more. Integration is also essential when it comes to choosing a digital business card design app. Today, many people and even businesses depend on apps for their activities, and one example is the waiter call app that allows customers to place calls directly to waiters.

Many people have premium services for digital card design apps, However with F4L the basic features and are free are already more advanced than other software providers. 

With the F4l Digital card you can attach the click and service call waiter, virtual queue and a host of other softwares to the cards you create.

 In summary

Anyone in the professional world will find a lot of benefits with F4L digital business cards. That is because this is a way of presenting your contact information together with any other relevant material that will help your prospects to find out more about your achievements and capabilities. Traditional business cards have many limitations, and the worst part is that making them means cutting down trees that is harmful to the environment. Also, you could never update a physical business card, especially if you already dished it out. Digital business cards, on the other hand, will allow you to make live updates and even run your adverts on the same card.