The Secret Steps to Leadership “Course 2”


Discover how to become a Great Leader and Achieve Influence Mastery with “The Secret Steps to Leadership”.
Transform yourself today and Build your teams!

Achieve the Success you deserve in Any Future venture you start with the must do 8-week course for anyone in sales and marketing.
Leadership Skills That Will Improve Your Career, Business, Relationships, and Life!Multi-Level Marketers – Course 2 Advanced.

  • Multi-Level Marketers – Course 2 Advanced
  • Sales Managers
  • Business owners
  • Internet marketers wanting to expand
  • Anyone wanting to become the leader but just doesn’t know how or where to start.

Does trying to teach and lead people make you feel blue and mad, want to bang your head against a brick wall because it’s less painful?

What are YOU doing about it?


I have created the 2nd monster training course for you All!

Across the years, the perception and definition of leadership have changed.

Leadership used to mean a position or a role in a hierarchy. Today, leadership is more of a skill than a role. You can be in a leadership role and have absolutely no expertise in leadership.
On the other hand, you can be in a non-leading position but demonstrate a lot of leadership and inspire those around you.

We all aspire to be a leader, at least once, in our life. But the truth is that only 10% of the population are natural leaders. Everyone else will need to acquire skills, knowledge, and some experience to become one.

Become the Leader That You Are Meant To Be!

Learn the secret to become a great leader in your life!

When you learn to lead your life, you empower yourself to be the best leader this world could have.

That is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself, as you will always benefit from the skills, experiences, and knowledge you have acquired on that journey to become a great leader.

There are a few qualities that will make you move from a good leader to a great leader. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn and develop those qualities in you. Anyone can develop them, but it will take determination, courage, and resilience.

Here’s Where to Start

One of the critical qualities of leaders is that they are self-starters. That said, you might already check that one of your lists today because we are offering you the opportunity to lead yourself to a self-development adventure.

We will show you how to develop your leadership skills, no matter what role you play in your career. The skills you will learn here is a life skill that you can use at work but also in your daily interaction with your family, in your volunteer work or any relationships.

Being a leader is above all a state of mind.  Mastering one’s strengths and weaknesses to make them pillars of your daily actions and to inspire others. Accept yourself and accept all life challenges around you. By doing so, you will realize that in so many ways, you are already a leader in your life.

Not only will you learn about leadership, how it can improve your life, but also, you will practice techniques and obtain abilities you need to become a better leader.

That’s why I created a brand-new course to start your leadership journey.

I’m proud to introduce to you…

The Secret Steps to Leadership

Module 1

Transform yourself into the self-confident leader you will need to be to achieve your success.  My 6 books on secrets all about leadership and influence mastery.  Worth £100

  • The Secret 5-minute guide to great leadership
  • The Secret art of winning
  • The Secret steps of entrepreneurial drive
  • The Secret to Self-confidence and Transformation
  • The Secret to become an influential leader
  • The secret to leadership Authority

Module 2

Program your visual cortex with Mind Maps of the books for quick reference put on your walls worth £50

Module 3

Make yourself accountable with 5 checklists on the books above so you can self-test once you have done the reading. Worth £50

Module 4

Gain influence with posters for social media and for your walls with my leadership Graphics Book. 100s of Quotes with affirmations and quotes and 20 plus worth £250

Module 5

Make some noise and create interest with posts on positivity on social media. As a reminder here are my positive thinking graphics books volume 3, 4, and 5 worth £750

Module 6

Re-program your mind and wire it for success.  Get the Audio of the “affirmations” in and the “I am audio”– Your future is what you say it to be. 2 x Audio Worth £50

Module 7

Get on track with 18 Planning checklists without plans, many are doomed before they begin.

You will need to be organized and ready to be a leader and will need a plan of action Worth £200

  • 1.Checklist 1 – Creating A Yearly, Monthly, Weekly And Daily plan
  • 2.Checklist 2 – Breaking Down Your Daily Plan
  • 3.Checklist 3 – Outsourcing Your Daily Tasks
  • 4.Checklist 4 – Software To Track And Manage Time
  • 5.Checklist 5 – Develop A Routine And Stick To It
  • 6.Checklist 6 – Choosing The Right Task Management Method
  • 7.Checklist 7 – Spend Your Morning On MITs
  • 8.Checklist 8 – Follow The 80/20 Rule
  • 9.Checklist 9 – Make A To-Do Lists
  • 10.Checklist 10 – The Kanban Method
  • 11.Checklist 11 – Prioritize
  • 12.Checklist 12 – Set Realistic Timetables
  • 13.Checklist 13 – Remove Potential Distractions
  • 14.Checklist 14 – Stop Procrastination
  • 15.Checklist 15 – Stop Multitasking
  • 16.Checklist 16 – Review Your Day
  • 17.Checklist 17 – Schedule High Priority Activities
  • 18.Checklist 18 – Identify Urgent Vs Important And Available Time

Module 8

Refine your leadership skills with 1 video task a day

With practice only will you become the master leader

150 Self Help Step Videos Daily Takeaway 2-3min only

Worth £500

SUMMARY OF WHAT YOU GET:   No one has time to watch too long videos so everyday watch this at lunch or at breakfast try to learn something new every day and implement it.  There is 6 months’ worth here!!

  • 150 videos (2-4-minute average length of each video)
  • 15 different self-help topics
  • Full HD quality – 1920 x 1080 video quality
  • Yes! Includes original presentation slides (PowerPoint, Keynote, OpenOffice)
  • Yes! Includes voiceover audio files (MP3 / WAV)
  • Yes! Includes transcripts (DOC + TXT)

Package #1: Self Confidence

  • 5 Easy Tricks to Stay Calm in a Stressful Situation
  • 5 Style Tips That Will Boost Your Confidence
  • 5 Ways Life is Better When You Feel More Confident
  • Confident Body Language for Anyone
  • How to be More Assertive While Still Gaining Respect
  • How to have 100% Certainty in Your Entrepreneurial Venture
  • How to Overcome Social Anxiety Easily
  • How to Speak More Confidently in Any Situation
  • Quick Ways to Boost Your Confidence
  • Three Things You’re Doing That Damage Your Confidence

Package #2: Purpose

  • 4 Ways That Famous People Have Discovered Their Purpose
  • 5 Steps to Finding Meaning With Your Occupation
  • 5 Ways to Create More Meaning in Your Life
  • 7 Ways to Find Meaning in Life
  • 7 Ways to Prioritize to Find Meaning in Your Life
  • 10 Quick Tips to Develop Meaning By Helping Others
  • 10 Secrets to Identifying Your Purpose in Life
  • How to Create Actionable Intelligence Regarding Your True Purpose in Life
  • How to Discover Your One True Purpose
  • How to Identify Your Purpose by Reaching Your Goals

Package #3: Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Characteristics of an Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs
  • How to Develop Your Optimism to Drive Toward Success
  • How to Discover and Sustain Your Entrepreneurial Drive
  • How to Replace Procrastination with Willpower
  • Keys for Motivating Yourself and Finding Your Drive
  • Keys to Business Success
  • Signs You Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Traits of an Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Ways to Develop Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Package #4: Emotional Intelligence

  • 3 Ways You Can Develop More Emotional Intelligence and Become a Better Leader
  • 4 Signs That You Need to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence
  • 5 Steps You Need to Take to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence
  • 5 Ways to Utilize Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • 6 Essential Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence
  • How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
  • The 4 Best Ways to Enhance Your EQ
  • The Best Strategies for Developing Your Emotional Intelligence to Improve Your Social Skills
  • Top Tips for Increasing Emotional Intelligence for Stronger Relationships
  • Understanding the 5 Essential Components of Emotional Intelligence

Package #5: Motivation

  • 3 Top Ways to Crush Procrastination
  • 5 Top Motivation Tips You Can Learn From Navy SEALS
  • Do These 3 Things for Greater Motivation
  • How to Build Long-Lasting Motivation
  • How to Create a Morning Ritual for Great Success in Life
  • How to Get Into a Flow State (And Stay There)
  • How to Keep Motivated When You’re in a Slump
  • How to Power Through Sticking Points in Tasks
  • The Neuroscience of Motivation and Self-Discipline
  • Why You Lack Motivation and Willpower

Package #6: Leadership

  • The 3 Most Crucial Goals for Leaders
  • 4 Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Team
  • How to be An Influential Thought Leader in Your Industry
  • How to Lead by Example
  • The 5 Secrets of Successful Leaders
  • How to Encourage Productivity Without Hurting Creativity
  • How to Turn Your Biggest Critics Into Your Greatest Supporters
  • 3 Ways to Have a More Commanding Presence
  • 5 Mistakes of Bad Leaders
  • Top Influential Leaders to Model From

Package #7: Overcome Excuses

  • Top 5 Ways To Avoid Procrastination
  • 5 Secrets Of Getting Things Done Promptly
  • How To Do Your Best Work Quickly
  • How To Remain Happy Even When Busy With Work
  • Top 3 Ways To Keep Pressure From Getting To You
  • 5 Secrets Of Why You Procrastinate
  • Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Work Speed
  • 4 Questions To Ask To Know If You Need A New Occupation To Be Happy
  • 4 Questions To Ask To Know If Being An Entrepreneur Is Right For You
  • 5 Secrets To Overcome Procrastination

Package #8: Personal Development

  • 4 Reasons Self-Discipline Is So Important For Success
  • 5 Steps You Need To Take To Quickly Overcome Your Fears
  • 5 Strategies You Can Use To Stick To Your Goals
  • 6 Reasons People Are Afraid Of Leaving Their Comfort Zones
  • 10 Easy Techniques To Motivate Yourself To Chase Your Dreams
  • How To Motivate Yourself When You’re In a Slump
  • How To Take The First Step Towards Achieving Your Goals In Life
  • How Your Comfort Zone Is Killing Your Dreams
  • The 3 Common Characteristics Of Successful People
  • Top 3 Reasons You Need To Leave Your Comfort Zone Behind

Package #9: Overcoming Failure

  • 4 Successful Individuals Who Used Failure As A Stepping Stone To Success
  • 4 Ways Failing Forward Can Help You Succeed
  • 5 Powerful Strategies To Overcome Failure
  • 5 Things You Must Tell Yourself After Failing
  • 6 Reasons Failure Is Just As Important As Success
  • 7 Powerful Ways To Turn Failure Into Success
  • How To Stop Making Excuses Every Time You Fail
  • The 5 Habits You Need To Avoid So You Don’t Fail In Life
  • Top 10 Lessons You Will Learn From Failing
  • Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Too Soon

Package #10: Freedom and Happiness

  • 3 Questions To Ask Yourself In Your Pursuit Of Freedom And Happiness
  • 3 Simple Reasons You’re Stuck Living An Unhappy Life
  • 4 Quick And Easy Ways To Rediscover Yourself
  • 5 Easy Techniques You Can Use To Take Control Of Your Life
  • 5 Things You Can Do Today To Have More Freedom
  • 6 Incredibly Simple Ways To Feel Happy Right Now
  • 7 Secret Ways To Live A More Fulfilling Life
  • How Positive Thinking Can Help You Live Life On Your Own Terms
  • How To Motivate Yourself To Be Happier And More Positive
  • Why You Need To Follow Your Own Path In Life

Package #11: Success

  • 3 Easy Steps To Finally Start Achieving Your Goals
  • 5 Foolproof Methods To Develop Long-Term Motivation
  • 6 Strategies To Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities
  • 7 Tricks To Keep Going When You Feel Low and de-motivated
  • 10 Methods To Drive Yourself To Do Great Things
  • How To Discover Your Purpose In 5 Simple Ways
  • How To Use Motivation To Get Rid Of Procrastination
  • The 4 Best Kept Secrets To Accomplish Personal Freedom
  • Top 6 Habits That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster
  • Why You Need To Take Massive Action If You Want To Succeed

Package #12: Greatness

  • 4 Questions To Ask To Learn Your True Self
  • 4 Ways To Overcome Any Fear
  • 5 Secrets Of Building Your Self-Esteem
  • 5 Secrets To Taking Action
  • How To Develop A Stronger Mind
  • How To Quiet Your Negative Thought
  • How To Recognize The Greatness Within You
  • Top 3 Ways To Learn Your Best Skills-Attributes
  • Top 3 Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt
  • Top 5 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Package #13: Entrepeneurship

  • 3 Ways to Come Up With an Idea for a Disruptive Product
  • 4 Innovative Businesses You Can Learn From
  • 4 Ways to Make Your Kickstarter Campaign More Successful
  • 5 Examples of Businesses That Take Full Advantage of the Sharing Economy
  • 6 Ways to Get Funding for Your New Product Idea
  • How to Create Your Own Software-As-Service Business
  • How to Find a Need in a Market and Fill it
  • How to Market Your New Disruptive Idea
  • How to Test an Idea Before Bringing it to Market
  • Top Mistakes That New Entrepreneurs Make

Package #14: Self Discipline

  • 4 Reasons Self-Discipline Leads To Self-Growth
  • 4 Ways Self-Discipline Contributes To Success In The Workplace
  • 5 Questions To Ask Yourself To Know If You’re Succeeding At Self-Discipline
  • 5 Reasons Self-Discipline Is Important For Long Term Goals
  • 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Self-Control
  • 7 Easy Ways To Resist Temptation And Improve Self-Discipline
  • How To Create The Right Goals For Yourself
  • How To Form A Positive Habit in 6 Simple Ways
  • The 5 Mental Poisons You Need To Cure And Discipline In Order To Succeed At Life
  • Why Saying No Is Important For Your Self-Discipline

Package #15: Time Management

  • So Much to Do… So Little Time
  • Why You Should Manage Time More Effectively
  • Maximizing the Hours in Your Day
  • Why You Must Set an Agenda
  • Delegation 101
  • Getting Time Back if You’re an Employee
  • Getting Time Back if You’re an Entrepreneur
  • 5 Ways to Increase Your Motivation
  • Save Time: Leverage What You Already Have
  • Avoiding Daily Interruptions

Module 9

Boost your Leadership audio and video series Booster 20 video’s 10 audios


Includes Access to My Personal, Private 20 x 1 Minute Inspirational YouTube

Relaxation/affirmation Videos and Quotes. Keep the mind relaxed energized and motivated.

Worth £250

The Must Have – Secrets to leadership and Influence e-Course!!
What you get Final recap
Are you ready to step up to a leadership role?
You’ll benefit so much by reading and learning from this ecourse book.
Here is what you will learn in this guide and more:

  • What is leadership and the top abilities to become one;
  • How you can be a leader in your everyday life.
  • How you can benefit from leadership skills.  
  • 6 things you must know to move from a good to a great leader. 
  • What is emotional intelligence and how it can help you.
  • 15 questions that will define your leadership abilities. 
  • 7 barriers to leadership development. 
  • How values are essential to leadership and how you can define yours. 

Get Access to My Personal Private 20 x 1
Minute Inspirational YouTube
Relaxation – affirmation Videos and Quotes
Worth £250

The way to use them: Is to breathe and relax and simply read them to become inspired, it takes 1 minute and you’re good to go!!!  Helps you concentrate and focus too.

Special Bonus 18 x Video Series For those who just love watching videos and further training!! Worth £15

Set goals perfectly that will launch you to success
Find your inner greatness and be able to express it to the world in the best possible way.
It will be your self-discipline that will determine whether you will succeed in your goals and ultimately your success and future happiness!!

The Must Have – Change Your Mindset e-Course!! What you get Final Recap

Stress, anxiety, and uncertainty is part of life. Everyone experiences those times. Sometimes they are short lived and we are back on track with living life to the fullest.

However, when those feelings begin recurring back-to-back, become overwhelming or interfere with living the life you want, it’s time to put a stop to it. …and it’s easier than you might think.

If you’re ready to kick stress, anxiety and uncertainty to the curb and start living a more fulfilled life, this e-course is designed for you.

Download today and you’ll learn:

  • 2 powerful techniques to become a better leader.
  • How you can lead yourself with the GROW Model, a method to reach success.
  • Ways to increase your self-awareness and personal growth.
  • How embracing change and become an inspiring agent of change.
  • 11 steps plan to become a fearless leader.
  • 9 qualities to become a great leader and how to apply them.
  • 3 ways to successfully respond to criticism; 
  • 4 characteristics of mindful leaders and why you need to become one.
  • How to practice mindfulness with 2 techniques that will help you succeed as a conscious leader.
  • Over 50 additional resources that will deepen your knowledge on how to master your emotions and be free of anxiety.
  • And much more!

Why so much content Gurjit?

The greatest battle you are going to have is overcome your negative thoughts and previous bad habits and perceptions and give up.

Your mind is GOING TO FIGHT YOU!!

If you really going to change and you are serious then you will have to immerse you self in reading and remembering and reinforcing positive thoughts throughout your days until it becomes you.

That is why so there is so much content – our brains would become bored with only 1 book or video no matter how profound it may be.

What would it normally cost?

Gurjit’s13 books £150
4 book checklist /self test £100
18 checklists- make sure you covered everything £200
150 Self help take away Videos Breakfast + Lunch £500
My Graphic book V2 and bundle £250
2 Audio Meditations £50
My 20 Private Mindmatters Videos £250
Special bonus video training £150
Time and Total cost to build out Too Much
If I sold it separately £1,650
My University education and 30 years of business failures (wisdom now) and time Lost++ £250,000+

If you are ready to make a positive impact on your life Just SHARE to unlock this course for FREE right NOW!.