The Secret Mindset Mastery “Course 1”

Discover how to Achieve Mindset Mastery with the “Secret Steps series 1” to Reduce Stress, anxiety & uncertainty. Become more positive focused and Successful.


Create a Strong Mindset Foundation! With the Must do 8 Week Course for

  • Multi Level Marketers – Course 1
  • Sales Reps
  • Business Executives
  • Students wanting to reduce The Overwhelm
  • Internet Marketers
  • Lockdown Survivors
  • Lost your Job
  • Can’t see ANYWAY OUT!

Does Stress, anxiety and uncertainty keep you from reaching your goals?

What are YOU doing about it?

This MONSTER training will help you All!

Rewire and reprogram your mind to achieve your dreams with the information in the 14 Secret Mindset Books including my 4’s Secret system worth £150 FREE to YOU!

My complete 13 Secret Series – Change Your Mindset e-books:

You get 13 illustrated guides (.doc) that teach step-by-step how you can reduce stress in your life by changing your mindset and achieve your dreams!
Books Included:

    1. The secret of how to master mental discipline
    2. The secret of how to find your path
    3. The secret of how to get a mindset of a winner
    4. The secret of how to have a great personal life
    5. The secret of how to overcome panic and stress and keep calm
    6. The secret power of sleep for success
    7. The secret to create a meditation mindset for success
    8. The secret habits to develop- to in the present moment
    9. The secret of living in the now Helps you succeed and be happy
    10. The secret of how to enrich your life with the start of your spiritual journey
    11. The secret to embrace your overthinking for a positive benefit
    12. The secret to overcoming stress, Anxiety reduction Techniques overview
    13. The secret how to achieve emotional clarity

Make yourself proud! You can answer 4 Detailed Worksheets and 4 Checklists for the Books worth £100 but FREE TO YOU!

4 Detailed Checklists: You get 4 checklists (.doc) that will give you a summary of what steps to take based on 4 of the main books.

4 Worksheets: One to accompany each of the 4 main books so you can stay on track while learning how to reduce stress to live a more fulfilled life.

A positive “Mindset Mastery” checklist which will help you master each area.


    1. Checklist: Entrepreneur Mindset
    2. Checklist: Healthy Mindset
    3. Checklist: Mindset of Confident People
    4. Checklist: How to Enhance Your Mindset: Improve Focus
    5. Checklist: Developing a Growth Mindset
    6. Checklist: Mindset Maintenance for Workaholics
    7. Checklist: Having a Positive Attitude Checklist
    8. Checklist: Mindset of Dreamers
    9. Checklist: The Social Mindset
    10. Checklist: Checklist for a Guaranteed Unstoppable Mindset
    11. Checklist: How to Beat Your Fear Mindset
    12. Checklist: How to Maintain an Innovative Mindset in Times
    13. Checklist: Mindset Hacks for Entrepreneurs
    14. Checklist: Developing a Success-Oriented Mindset
    15. Checklist: Dealing with Anxiety with a Shift in your Mindset
    16. Checklist: Improve Your Life by Changing Your Mindset
    17. Checklist: Mindset for Long Term Thinking
    18. Checklist: Developing a Mindset with Resilience and Determination

Refine your Mindset skills with 1 video task a day with practice you will become the master.
150 Self Help Steps Daily Takeaway Videos worth £500
only £3.33 each but YOURS FREE!

HERE’S A SUMMARY OF WHAT YOU GET: No one has time to watch long videos so, everyday watch these at lunch or breakfast and try to learn something new every day then implement it. There are 6 months’ worth here!!

  • 150 videos (2- 4 minute average length of each video)
  • 15 different self-help topics
  • Full HD quality – 1920 x 1080 video quality
  • Yes! Includes original presentation slides (PowerPoint, Keynote, OpenOffice)
  • Yes! Includes voiceover audio files (MP3 / WAV)
  • Yes! Includes transcripts (DOC + TXT)

Package #1: Information Overload

  • 3 Simple Steps to Sharpen Your Memory in an Age of Information Overload
  • 3 Tips for Managing Digital Information Overload
  • 4 Easy Ways to Reduce Information Overload
  • 4 Techniques for Beating Information Overload
  • 4 Time Management Tips to Tackle Information Overload
  • 4 Ways for Getting Organized to Reduce Information Overload
  • 4 Ways to Deal with Today’s Steady Stream of Information
  • 5 Steps to Get Your Professional Life Organized
  • 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Time Management Skills
  • Top 5 Ways to Conquer Information Overload

Package #2: Mindfulness

  • 3 Powerful Breathing Techniques to Improve Your Mindset
  • 3 Types of Meditation That Anyone Can Start Easily
  • 4 Ways Keeping a Journal Will Make Your Life Easier
  • 4 Ways to Feel Calmer Instantly
  • 4 Ways to Get Started with Meditation Today
  • 5 Reasons to Try Mindfulness Meditation Right Now
  • 5 Ways That Stress is Destroying Your Health and Happiness
  • How to Conquer Social Anxiety with Mindfulness and CBT
  • How to Feel Calmer Anywhere
  • How to Use Mindfulness to Get to Sleep More Quickly

Package #3: Mindset

  • 3 Strategies to Get the Monkey Mind Under Control
  • 3 Ways to Train Your Brain for Limitless Abundance
  • 4 Techniques to Remove Limiting Beliefs for Personal Success
  • 5 Creative Strategies to Expand Your Mental Awareness
  • 5 Habits That Will Help You to Master Your Mind
  • 7 Traits of Personal Mastery Demonstrated by Business Leaders
  • How to Use Both the Law of Attraction and Shadow Work for Personal Mastery
  • The 3 Best Ways to Investigate the Subconscious Mind
  • The 3 Differences Between Emotional intelligence and Mental Strength
  • The 5 Things You Never Knew About Your Own Psychology

Package #4: Goals

  • 3 Important Steps for Accomplishing Your Goals
  • 4 Simple Tips for Setting Powerful Goals
  • 5 Easy Steps for Reaching Your Hardest Goals
  • Creating an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals
  • How to Accelerate Your Goals and Achieve Them Faster
  • How to Achieve Any Goal
  • How to Discover Your Life’s Purpose
  • How to Program Your Mind for Success
  • How to Stay Focused When Setting Your Goals
  • The Essential Keys to Becoming an Elite Goal Setter

Package #5: Happiness

  • 3 Ways Happiness Can Lead To Success In Work And Life
  • 4 Signs You’re Unhappy And What You Can Do About It
  • 5 Reasons You Need To Seek Out Happiness Right Now
  • 6 Steps To Find Meaning And Happiness In Your Life
  • 7 Positive Habits Of Happy And Successful Individuals
  • 8 Tricks To Maintain Your Positive Mental Attitude
  • 10 Quick Tips To Put A Smile On Your Face Today
  • How To Create Your Own Happiness In Life
  • How To Overcome The Unhappiness That’s Blocking Your Path To Success
  • Why Positivity Is Absolutely Essential To Happiness

Package #6: Gratitude

  • 3 Reasons Why Gratitude Can Change Your Life
  • 4 Popular Gratitude Exercises to Boost Your Happiness
  • 5 Proven Benefits of Gratitude to Motivate You
  • 5 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude in Your Life
  • 5 Ways Gratitude Can Heal You
  • 5 Ways to Achieve Greatness Through Gratitude
  • How to Keep a Gratitude Journal and Be Thankful All Year
  • How to Practice Gratitude Today
  • Simple Ways You Can Practice Gratitude
  • Why Gratitude is Important to Practice

Package #7: Building Good Habits

  • 5 Tiny Changes That Can Make You More Productive
  • 5 Tiny Changes That Will Make You Happier
  • Do This for Just 1 Minute a Day and Your Life Will Change
  • How to Apply Kaizen in Your Relationships
  • How to Break a Bad Habit in 3 Easy Steps
  • How to Create New Habits in 3 Easy Steps
  • How to Get Rich by Saving Tiny Bits of Money
  • Small Things You Should STOP Doing Right Now
  • The Kaizen Approach to Dieting
  • You’ve Been Writing Goals All Wrong

Package #8: Minimalism

  • 5 Easy Things You Can Do Today to Declutter Your Home
  • How Minimalism Helps to Reduce Stress
  • How to Declutter Your Mind and Prevent Information Overload
  • How to Fight The Urge to Buy Unnecessary Stuff
  • Why Less is More
  • How to Implement Minimalism into Work and Business
  • How to Travel the World as a Minimalist
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Top 5 Books and Documentaries about Minimalism
  • What is a Minimalist Lifestyle?

Package #9: Personal Transformation

  • 3 Exercises to Improve Mindfulness
  • 3 Powerful Reasons You Should Meditate
  • 3 Reasons Knowing Your Purpose Can Change Everything
  • 4 Important New Habits to Start Today
  • 5 Hacks to Get More From Your Brain
  • 5 Things That Will Make Life More Meaningful
  • 5 Ways to Increase Your Motivation
  • Here’s What 10 Minutes of Meditation a Day
  • Get More Energy With These Three Methods
  • How to Use the 80/20 Principle

Package #10: Positive Thinking

  • 4 Daily Habits To Help You Become A More Positive Person
  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Overcome Negative Thoughts ASAP
  • 10 Easy Positive Thinking Exercises You Can Start Today
  • 8 Simple Ways To Transform Your Thoughts From Negative To Positive
  • How Humour Helps Generate A Positive Mindset
  • How Positive Thinking Can Help You Succeed In Life
  • The 5 Benefits Of Thinking Positively In Your Daily Life
  • The 6 Secrets To Remaining Positive At Work
  • Top 5 Health Benefits Of Positive Thinking
  • Why You Should Surround Yourself With Happy Positive People

Package #11: Productivity

  • 3 Steps for Getting More Done
  • 3 Ways to Increase Your Business Productivity
  • 4 Daily Habits That Will Dramatically Increase Your Productivity
  • 5 Tips for Getting More Done in Less Time
  • 5 Ways to Use Technology to Increase Your Productivity
  • 6 Habits That Will Kill Your Productivity
  • 6 Rules for Getting More Accomplished While Working Less
  • How to Become More Productive and Achieve Your Goals
  • How to Use Parkinsons Law to Get More Done
  • Top 5 Productivity Hacks for Procrastinators

Package #12: Self-Care

  • 3 Reasons Why Self-Care Should be a Priority
  • 4 Easy Self-Care Tips That Can Drastically Boost Your Mood
  • 4 Ways Journaling Makes You Happier and More Fulfilled
  • 5 Ways to Make Tomorrow the Best Day Ever
  • 5 Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Soul
  • 7 Quick Self-Care Tips for Relieving Stress and Anxiety
  • How to Create a Morning Self-Care Routine for a Successful Day
  • How to Cut Out Toxic People in Your Life
  • How to Focus on the Good Things Instead of the Bad
  • How to Say “No” and Why Setting Boundaries is Important

Package #13: Spirituality

  • 3 Ways to Become a Better You
  • 5 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life
  • How to Create a Morning Routine
  • How to Find Your Life’s Purpose
  • How to Meditate in 3 Steps
  • How to Upgrade Your Sleep to Achieve More
  • Why Gratitude is Important for Your Happiness and Success
  • Why Journaling is a Powerful Tool for Self-Betterment
  • Why Knowing Your Purpose Changes Everything?
  • Why You Need to Focus on Your Body to Improve Your Mind

Package #14: Success Habits

  • 5 Ways to Make Success Habits Permanently Ingrained
  • The 4 Secret Habits of Every Successful Person
  • 6 Tips to Starting a New Habit for Success
  • The 5 Science-Based Secret to Sticking with New Habits
  • 8 Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles to Success
  • 10 Daily Reminders to Stick with Habits for Success
  • The Top 5 Tips to Trick Your Brain into Forming Successful Habits
  • 6 Unique Methods for Overcoming Procrastination for Success
  • The 4 Secret Things That Are Keeping You from Successful Habits
  • 9 Mind-Blowing Tips to Achieve Any Habit For Success You Want

Package #15: Stress & Anxiety

  • Why is Modern Life So Stressful?
  • An Introduction to Meditation
  • Introducing Mindfulness into Your Life
  • Becoming More Present
  • Flow States
  • Don’t Panic! How to Deal with Panic Attacks
  • A Morning Routine to Help You Face the Day
  • An Evening Routine to Help You Wind Down
  • How to Stop Being a Zombie
  • Kaizen: Small Changes to Get Big Results

Immerse your mind and blast away negativity. Positive Affirmations/Quotes/15 + Info-graphics Bundle and My Quotes “Book 2” worth £250 but YOURS FREE!

  • Use the graphics to place everywhere you go, on walls, your pc kitchen fridge etc. What you read is always programming your mind & fills it with inspiration.

  • Use the graphics for a month, full of social media content, start spreading your positivity to create conversation and a better mood for your friends and family.

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The way to use them: Is to breathe and relax and simply read them to become inspired, it takes 1 minute and you’re good to go!!! Helps you concentrate and focus too.

Special Bonus 18 x Video Series For those who just love watching videos and further training!! Worth £150

Set goals perfectly that will launch you to success
Find your inner greatness and be able to express it to the world in the best possible way.
It will be your self-discipline that will determine whether you will succeed in your goals and ultimately your success and future happiness!!

The Must Have – Change Your Mindset e-Course!! What you get Final Recap

Stress, anxiety, and uncertainty is part of life. Everyone experiences those times. Sometimes they are short lived and we are back on track with living life to the fullest.

However, when those feelings begin recurring back-to-back, become overwhelming or interfere with living the life you want, it’s time to put a stop to it. …and it’s easier than you might think.

If you’re ready to kick stress, anxiety and uncertainty to the curb and start living a more fulfilled life, this e-course is designed for you.

Sign up today and you’ll learn:

  • Why it means to ‘live in the now’ and why you should do it.
  • 21 ways to start living in the now.
  • How to become more mindful.
  • How overthinking can produce positive results
  • 28 ways to embrace overthinking
  • How stress and anxiety affect the mind, body and spirit
  • Techniques for reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Habits to practice daily for less stress.
  • Habits to adopt that will help you connect with the present moment.
  • 200 Videos, audios, graphics
  • Checklists for self-test and reflection
  • …and a whole lot more!

If you are ready to reduce your stress and anxiety while learning to live in the moment, sign up for this course now.

Includes everything you need to build a Strong mindset foundation to help you succeed in life and smash starting any business!

Why so much content Gurjit?

The greatest battle you are going to have is overcome your negative thoughts and previous bad habits and perceptions and give up.

Your mind is GOING TO FIGHT YOU!!

If you really going to change and you are serious then you will have to immerse you self in reading and remembering and reinforcing positive thoughts throughout your days until it becomes you.

That is why so there is so much content – our brains would become bored with only 1 book or video no matter how profound it may be.

What would it normally cost?

Gurjit’s13 books £150
4 book checklist /self test £100
18 checklists- make sure you covered everything £200
150 Self help take away Videos Breakfast + Lunch £500
My Graphic book V2 and bundle £250
2 Audio Meditations £50
My 20 Private Mindmatters Videos £250
Special bonus video training £150
Time and Total cost to build out Too Much
If I sold it separately £1,650
My University education and 30 years of business failures (wisdom now) and time Lost++ £250,000+

If you are ready to make a positive impact on your life Just SHARE to unlock this course for FREE right NOW!.