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Well done, it shows you want real change in your life and you are willing to start on that journey.

It will be a learning experience journey over the next 6 months.
Your mind will want to give up many times.

This is quite normal as you begin to shift your mindset; it’s no different than when I coached my gym clients.
Their muscles want to give up as it’s getting hard but, that’s where the growth is.

That’s why you need to have all the content, books, videos and audio. This will keep you in the correct frame of mind.

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Module 1

6 books for secrets of leadership and influence.

Try and read them in 10-30 min session and then use the checklist in module 2 to keep track of your progress and set your tasks.

    All  books will be downloaded as pdf’s to your PC/Laptop etc.

    PLEASE NOTE: ALL download buttons open in a new tab/window.

    Module 2

    These are mind maps of the book’s main points so you print them off and use them as reminders of what needs to be done.

    Module 3

    Make yourself accountable with 5 checklists on the books above so you can self-test once you have done the reading.

    Module 4
    Gain influence with posters for social media and for your walls with my leadership Graphics Book. 100s of Quotes with affirmations and quotes and 20 plus leadership graphics included.

    MODULE 5

    Make some noise with these graphics. Create interest with posts on positivity on social media. As a reminder here are my positive thinking graphics books volume 3, 4, and 5.

    MODULE 6

    Re-program your mind and wire it for success. Get the Audio of the “affirmations” in and the “I am audio”. Your future is what you say it to be.  2 x Audio.

    MODULE 7

    Get on track with 18 Planning checklists.  Without plans, many are doomed before they begin.
    You will need to be organized and ready to be a leader and will need a plan of action.

    • Checklist 1 – Creating A Yearly, Monthly, Weekly And Daily plan
    • Checklist 2 – Breaking Down Your Daily Plan
    • Checklist 3 – Outsourcing Your Daily Tasks
    • Checklist 4 – Software To Track And Manage Time
    • Checklist 5 – Develop A Routine And Stick To It
    • Checklist 6 – Choosing The Right Task Management Method
    • Checklist 7 – Spend Your Morning On MITs
    • Checklist 8 – Follow The 80/20 Rule
    • Checklist 9 – Make A To-Do Lists
    • Checklist 10 – The Kanban Method
    • Checklist 11 – Prioritize
    • Checklist 12 – Set Realistic Timetables
    • Checklist 13 – Remove Potential Distractions
    • Checklist 14 – Stop Procrastination
    • Checklist 15 – Stop Multitasking
    • Checklist 16 – Review Your Day
    • Checklist 17 – Schedule High Priority Activities
    • Checklist 18 – Identify Urgent Vs Important And Available Time

    MODULE 8

    Video playlist for the secret to “Leadership and influence”.
    150 videos takeaways – short to the point action on these is 1 per day.

    SUMMARY OF WHAT YOU GET:   No one has time to watch too long videos so everyday watch this at lunch or at breakfast try to learn something new every day and implement it.  There is 6 months’ worth here!!

    • 150 videos (2-4-minute average length of each video)
    • 15 different self-help topics
    • Full HD quality – 1920 x 1080 video quality
    • Yes! Includes original presentation slides (PowerPoint, Keynote, Open Office)
    • Yes! Includes voiceover audio files (MP3 / WAV)
    • Yes! Includes transcripts (DOC + TXT)

    The 2nd button contains the zip folder all videos, audio files, word documents, and each video as PowerPoint so you can use to present the course if you need to.

    Emotional Intelligence

    Entrepreneurial Mindset


    Freedom and Happiness



    Overcome Excuses

    Overcoming Failure

    Personal Development


    Self Confidence

    Self Discipline


    Time Management

    Module 9

    Boost your Leadership.
    Audio and video series Booster, 20 video’s 10 audios.

    10 EXTRA leadership videos to watch online or download.


    Get Access to My Personal Private 20 x 1 Minute Inspirational YouTube videos.

    Relaxation/affirmation Videos and Quotes keep the mind relaxed, energized and motivated.

    This concludes the secrets to leadership and influence.
    May the course have helped you on your journey to greatness.
    Remember it’s a never-ending journey of learning and experience.