Every nongovernmental business has one major goal. The goal is to make money from their services. To improve profit, different businesses leverage different digital technologies. The world is always evolving in technology and any company that fails to key into it will miss out a lot. One of the technologies that you need for more business efficiency and profit maximization is our virtual call water software. This F4L waiter call system is the right tool you need now. The call waiter software is not only designed to improve your waiter services. It is also designed to boost the services rendered by your kitchen unit and even the management unit workflow. From this article, you will get to know how a virtual call waiter works. Before then, let’s understand what a virtual call waiter is.

What is Virtual Call Waiter Software


Just from the literal name, virtual call waiter is any system that allows the user or customer to call the attention of a waiter without having to leave his chair. A customer only needs to send a waiter request using his smartphone. Once the waiter comes, the customer will order what he wants.

F4L Virtual Call Waiter Software

Our call waiter software is one of the few call waiter systems virtual available. While they have similarities in functions, the working procedures are different. It is of paramount importance to know that our call waiter software is cloud based. This simply means nothing is required for it to function. Also, you don’t need to install anything to make use of it. This is not common with others which often require an application before it works. Our F4L call waiter software is easy to use.  We have a training guide and setup steps for any administration. You can read more about our call waiter on https://f4l.me/. 

How F4L Virtual Call Waiter Software Works

Our virtual call waiter software works in different ways. The way it works for the customer is not the same way it works for the kitchen staff or the management control.

How F4L Virtual Call Waiter Software works for Customers

As earlier stated, it is easy to use our waiter call system. This is as a result of how simple and understanding it was designed. When you enter a café, pub, terraces, casino, hotel, restaurants, club, or bar, make yourself comfortable and sit down. You will see the QR code on your table. Don’t be surprised, all you have to do is:

  • Bring out your smartphone.
  • Scan the QR code on the table with your phone.
  • Different digital cards will be presented on your phone. These digital cards can have all the social review websites connected.
  • Click on the menu button. When you click on it, it connects to any menu of choice.
  • Go through different options of food and drink.
  • Make your food and drink choice. 
  • Press the waiter call software button that has a yellow icon on your homepage screen.
  • A page with open. On this page, you will see different buttons such as call waiter or waitress, any problem, additional order for drinks and food. You will also see the table number search button and the bill please button.
  • Enter the number of your table and select the aforementioned options you need.
  • Send the request by clicking on the submit button.

It’s as easy as that. Let’s assume the customer wants to call the waiter which is one of the options that will come out after. After clicking on the button and sending the request, the waiter assigned to that table will get the notification. All you have to do as the customer is to relax and wait for your food or drink order.


How F4L Virtual Call Waiter Software works for Waiter

Every waiter working in that organization already has tables that have been assigned to him. Once he gets the notification from the customer, two buttons will come up. The waiting button which is already showing the table and the clear button. All the waiter has to do is to go to the calling table and serve the customer what he or she ordered. The waiter after serving the customer will click on the clear button. This simply means the end of his service to that customer at that time. If the customer needs any other service such as additional order dink and food, he will call the attention of the waiter again. The waiter will once more repeat these steps.

How F4L Virtual Call Waiter Software for works Kitchen Staff

As earlier stated, this F4L virtual call waiter software despite the name does not only work for waiters. It also works for kitchen staff. When a customer makes a food order, your kitchen staff receive the food or drink order from the kitchen control unit or monitor. This simply shows that the kitchen staff will get all the food order notifications from the customers. All they have to do is to notify the waiter who is in charge of that particular table to come and pick the ordered food once it is ready, nice and hot.

How F4L Virtual Call Waiter Software for Control Manager

There is the main screen or main control screen that shows every order made by different customers from all the tables. If at all there is a delay from the waiter to respond to the customer, the person watching over the main screen can call the attention of the waiter directly. This will prompt the waiter to attend to the customer immediately. Our call waiter system was designed with this in mind as forgetfulness is inevitable. Also, from the main control room, the kitchen staff can be called directly. They could be called to increase their services to meet the demands of customers. The person watching over the main control screen uses our virtual call waiter software to make sure food services are met on time.

How to using F4L Virtual Call Waiter Software for Management and Administration

This will help you to understand how to use our virtual call waiter software effectively for your business to enhance your services. The steps to be discussed will help you make more money as the software was designed to be used by every customer.

The steps involved in using our waiter call system include:

  • Make a card from our website at https://f4l.me/.
  • Upload your social media account, picture, survey, and review sites for your business.
  • Select activate the call waiter in the personal tab when creating a card. This will make the waiter call button to appear on your card. The software is now live.
  • Go to my card and click on the admin button under the call waiter.
  • A dashboard will appear. Set up the software from this location.

Setup 1: Customer/Waiter code card

  • Click on print edit customer/staff QR Code.
  • A page will come up displaying two already made QR codes available for use.
  • Set up the table QR code and the waiter login QR code too.
  • Print the table QR code for customers and the second QR code for the waiter to scan and log in.
  • Press on the edit button and add your company’s name and logo.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Go back to the previous screen and click on the refresh button. This will make your logo and business name to be updated on the poster.
  • You should print as many as you want by pressing the blue button. Print for your customer’s table and that of your waiter for scanning and log in. You can place your waiter’s QR code poster in different locations on the building wall.

Setup 2: Table Management

To use our call waiter system for table management, do the following: 

  • Click setup table management.
  • Click on add water and fill in details of your waiters such as name and phone number.
  • Click on the add button. Don’t forget to give your waiters their login details.
  • Add staff numbers and assign tables to them by pressing the add button.
  • To remove a table assigned to a waiter, select the manage button, and remove the table.
  • To add staff to each table, also select the management table and add staff name to the table.
  • Click on the Save button. 
  • Perform the previous steps and add more staff names to each table as many as you want. This depends on the number of staff you have.

Setup 3: Kitchen Member Management

These steps are the way to use our virtual call waiter software to manage your kitchen staff:

  • Click on add kitchen team to add kitchen members.
  • Click on add kitchen team to add kitchen members.
  • You can add and delete kitchen staff by clicking on the kitchen staff button.

Step 4: Control Team

The manager observes every activity using our virtual call waiter software. This is made possible as a big screen showing the control management page will be on display. Here, the manager can see the customer’s table that needs attention. He can call the waiter or kitchen staff directly to make sure everything is in order and service is at the optimal satisfactory level.

Final Thought

The advent of technology has affected almost every area of life. People and businesses are looking for technologies that will make their lives and business easier. With our virtual call waiter software, your business will be better in service delivery to customers. It’s easy to use and nothing is required or to be downloaded before use. 

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Our virtual call waiter software is designed to make food and drink services in hotels, bars, clubs, hostels, and casinos easier and better.

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