1: Is it Free Really?

Yes you get 1 unrestricted digital card free use and share as you wish and have access to some extra features like autoresponder and landing page and cv builder with qr code too, really want you to make full use of your card. You can use as a lead magnet too by giving it away free to your friends or as an offer on your internet pages as well.

We hope in time you will see the value in our other offers and services and may wish to upgrade take some courses and maybe even start your own business, if we can help you start your entrepreneurial journey well then that’s Gurjit would have loved when he started in Business and said if he could help others he would so that’s what he has done – thank you Gurjit -))

2: Why do the upgrades cost money why can’t I have it all free unlimited everything?

Gurjit liked that idea aswell -) but we don’t have enough money as we have no investors to do that as server costs and personneland staff costs wouldnot make it work.So we have reduced the costs of the software and content and shared any money we may earn with our community of affiliates. We work together and earn together.

(Perhaps Mr Gates or Mr Zuckerberg or any other billionaires want to call Gurjit)

3: Can I cancel anytime? Am I in a contract?

Well we not sure why you would cancel a free account but do understand if you wan to cancel a paid account. So no contract, cancel anytime and you won’t be re-billed anymore. There are no partial refunds on any month of cancellation. So, if you cancel halfway into the month then your payment will be for that month and then expire.

4: What’s the difference between free account and free trial of a pro account?

Anyone can start with a free account, no contract or commitment. You might want to try all the other tools software and have multiple landing page and cards running so you can upgrade to a 2 week free trail any time to try the pro service, if that point you are stillundecided you cancel the PayPal instruction before the 14 day trial is up.

5: Can I really earn money with the card?

YES, If you sell the service or a course or anything in our shop to a paying user then an affiliate commission is earnt. We cannot and don’t guarantee any income or earnings. That will depend on many factors like your work ethic or traffic you generate etc. However we do try our best to show new signup the great value on our services and how we maybe able to help them grow their business with that in mind they may upgrade or buy a service, a win for them , a win for you and a win for us.

6: Why are the Bonus software’s only available to paying customers after 14-day free trial ends?

Well these are not our software and we only licence to resell access they have to be paid for access only no free trials, so as part of your paid membership I have combined the access to them aswell.

Plus, in all fairness if you don’t want the pro level service then you won’t need these software’s anyway as you won’t be running it as business. Remember all of these software’s can be used in any of your other business too or with the 100 other ways Gurjit Talks about how to earn money in his free video teachings inside.

7: Is the free teaching academy and course listing really free?

Yes Gurjit is a firm believer in education and on hearingthe same things from everyone its too expensive to learn well we have put some free courses video lesson and e-books traffic strategies together to get your started. When you are ready and you want to advance yourself further you cantake his advanced mindset and leadership training to help take you and your teams to the next levelof success.