digital business card images

Digital Business Card images

Background Image Sliders

This is the easiest Digital Business Card images, digital business card galleries and background image sliders function ANYWHERE.

You can upload as many imags as you wish to your personal gallery, simply crop t fit using our built in image cropper, you can even re-arrange the order of any images.

Create as many images in a single slider as you wish, all saved in your own gallery.

Your digital business card galleries are also ALL FULL SCREEN!

You have full control over edits, positions, deletions and more.

And, with a simple to use control dashboard you can’t go wrong!

background image sliders

1: Activate 2: Upload images 3:Save

  • Upload UNLIMITED images
  • Easy/Simple Gallery Control
  • Auto “Crop to Fit” Cards
  • Rearrange images in any order
  • Delete unwanted images
  • Touch swipe enabled for any phone
  • Slide BEHIND all icons and logos
  • Manage images ANY time

Improvements and advances in technology have enabled the developers of the F4L FREE Digital Business cards to bring you awesome additions NOT FOUND ON ANY OTHER digital business cards.

Create galleries of personal images, image sliders of all your business holdings or even add a whole range of food items from a specific menu should you be a restaurant or cafe owner.

Easy Simple to use Dashboard/Gallery

This intuitive, easy to use background image slider gallery is a breeze to use enabling you to add digital card images in the form of a slider and of course, ALL FULL SCREEN.

You can create as many digital business card galleries as you wish and with the assistance of an AUTO image cropper you can position any image in just a few seconds.

Re-ordering is also a breeze, want an image in a different position? OK great, just drag and drop to where you want it, simple.

Unlimited background image slider explanation