We are in the digital era and the internet is now a big irreplaceable part of us. It has helped us to do many things including buying and selling. Despite its numerous benefits, many small businesses or startups don’t have a website. 

Presently, a website is not optional. It is from the website that people rely on for business and product information. Your business is considered legitimate to potential customers when you have a website. 

You can’t overrule the importance of a website in every business. It’s not surprising if you have given up having a website because of the price involved or not knowing how to code. If this is you, the bad feelings should stop now as we have a piece of good news for you. 

What is the good news? Our F4L website builder was designed to help you achieve your website goals without needing any coding skill or spending lots of money on a web developer.

Let us discuss a little about our website builder before we look at the benefits towards small businesses.


The F4L Website Builder

The F4L website builder is a small business with ready-made templates that you can build or create a website from. You can as well mix and match different templates to suit your taste. Our website has some of the following in store for you:

  • 100% free hosting and 100% free domain names, no catches, no clauses. Everything is ready.
  • You are in control to edit, store, delete and replicate each of your websites.
  • There is an available image library and gallery. 
  • The images available for use are free.
  • You can add as many web pages as you like.

You can always visit our website at http://www.f4l.me for more information. 

The Benefits Of F4L Website Builder Software to Businesses

If you are still having doubts about getting your website with our F4L website builder which has been considered as one of the best, here are reasons why you should get started immediately.

1.    Website Creation is Fast

You are losing lots of money as an entrepreneur or business owner without a website or online presence. Potential customers who will only buy from a seller after seeing his website or surfing the internet will be pushed not to buy from you again if you have nothing to show. Truth be told, you are behind in business without a website. You need to come up with a good and professionally designed website as early as possible. This is made possible with our website builder. In a few hours, you can comfortably create your business website from your bed. It’s easy and very fast to achieve.

2.    Less Expensive than a Website Developer

The cost of having a website has been one of the reasons many startups do not have a website. If you have the money, then you can get a professional website developer but if you prefer to use that money for other important business decisions, then consider our website builder. You can spend as much as 6000 US dollars to hire a good website developer. I bet you don’t want to add such a huge amount to your budget this new year. When you compare it with our F4L website builder, you will see the gap. Using our website builder is free with lots of other features as earlier listed.

3.    Control over feel and look

Since you are creating your business website yourself with our website builder, you are in charge of its look and feel. When you hire the service of a web developer or designer, you might have something different from what you described or want. This issue is eliminated with our website building software. You have the tools for creating the website in your hands. So, go ahead, choose the color, font, style, layout, and template. Enjoy the experience!

4.    Coding Experience is not Needed

The inability to code was likely one of the major reasons why you have been running your business without a website. For you to master coding, it will take you time. Combining your business activities with learning coding can be stressful and at the same time distract you. So, instead of worrying over this or the money, you will pay a professional website developer, leverage our website building system and get your website in a few clicks. You can get it running as soon as possible by connecting it to your card. All of this can be done on our website.

5.    Easy to Use

This is one of the benefits that has made many to use our F4L website builder. It was designed with a user-friendly interface. You don’t need to be an internet expert to create your business website with our website builder. Our developers made our website to be very easy to use. You can select any of the available templates, edit to your taste and have your business gaining an online presence immediately. It is as easy as you can imagine being easy.

6.    Flexibility and different options

You will certainly want to have something unique from others. Working with ready-made templates doesn’t mean you can’t edit or customize. You can customize your website at any time to become as unique as you want. Besides choosing templates, you have different options of fonts, colors, layouts, images, and others to select from. Adding images directly from your personal computer is possible too. So, customization is 100% possible. 

7.    Easy to Update

You need to give your employees any special training to update or make changes to your website. Having a website updated regularly is of paramount importance. You need to update your new product list and prices. Focusing on other important business activities and allowing one of your employees to handle the updating will save you a lot of time. This is possible with our F4L website building software. 

8.  An update can be done from anywhere

Small business website builders are always online. This simply gives you everyday access to it. Once you have an internet connection, a good web browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and others with your login details, you can update your website from anywhere and at any time. If peradventure you are on vacation and suddenly remember there is an important update to make, you can simply call the attention of your employee to make the change with their device from their phone. There is no worry with our F4L website builder as the right files live on the server. Just keep the address of our website builder with your login details at heart, you are good to go.

9.  Your website will look extraordinary on your mobile device

Before, having a website running daily is the major concern of every small business owner. This is not all that matters to a startup now. A startup wants to see his business website becoming mobile or smartphone friendly. People who use their smartphones to access the internet are now bigger in number than those who make use of the internet with their desktop. Most of your customers or potential customers may want to be able to access your business website with their phone. Also, don’t forget that a smartphone is more portable than the desktop. If this is so, you need a business website that is professional, with the best interface too on a mobile device. You don’t need to pay a website developer an additional fee to make your website responsive as that’s one of the ways to achieve a smartphone-friendly website. All you need to achieve this are made available by our F4L website builder. Just choose a responsive template from the other options and the case is solved. Do it now, preview it, test it and be happy.


Final Thought

Put an end to the wait and get your small business a responsive website. Let the excuses of not having the fund or coding skills be a thing of the past. With our F4L website building software, you can build your business website today and position yourself to get the online business presence you have always desired.

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