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VIrtual Online Booking & Appointments System

Appointments and Booking System lets you to add as many categories as you wish, departments, employees and calendars.

Connect to payments, add holidays, closed days, appointments available.

With F4l Appointments & Booking Sustem,Your visitors can choose a specific date, time, department, treatment and even a person they have seen before.

Appointments once completed will automatically email the person making the appointment and send reminders close to their time slot.

Appointments can be changed, added to and even cancelled by both yourself or the customer.

This Appointment system can be added to ANY Digital Business card in the form of an appointments button.

You can even choose not to use the F4L Appointment System but instead you may already have one you like using, well guess what, that’s OK as you can add this instead, after all, we play nicely with ALL other softwares and companies and can connect to ANY.

You can even create events with our appointment system and it is super easy to add and training links provided, not just that but you can also set your preferred payment method as either on-site or paypal.

Appointments and Booking System dashboard provides you every information in details like number of appointments in week, month or performance of employee and revenue information as well.

F4L Enterprise Level Booking/Appointment System

Bookings, Appointments,  Diary system like no other.  Add employees, departments, hours, holidays, events, set & take payments, AUTOMATICALLY emails client their booking details and so much more!

Shows on ANY card with the INTELLIGENT “Book Appointment” button. AMAZING!
Intelligent HOW?

You can also add any of your existing appointments systems into the “Book Appointment” button with any existing url you already use and lots more.

We play nicely with all other softwares/companies.