To make business activities better, quicker and in a calmer environment, many business owners are using the QR code poster. Almost all business organizations are making use of the QR code to boost their productivity and to increase their customer experience. A happy satisfied customer is a plus to every business owner. Not only will such customers come back to buy your products and services, a well-served customer will recommend you and your services to others. The QR code is used in different hospitality businesses such as bars, restaurants, terraces, clubs, casinos, hotels, and others too numerous to mention. It can also be used in banks. The many benefits of QR code have made many not just business owners interested in knowing how to create their QR code for either personal or business use. We knew you are also looking for the easiest and quickest way to achieve that and this is why we came up with our F4L QR code generator. From this article, you will find out how you can create your QR code using our easy to use and understand F4L QR code generator and how you can use it.

How to Make QR code generator

We took our time to check out other QR code generators before coming up with our own. We were able to correct the limitations and make the long process of creating the QR code short and fast. It is very easy and simple to achieve. You don’t need to be a computer or internet expert to make it. To make your QR Code for your business using our F4L QR code generator, you show follow these steps:

  • Go to our F4L website and then to the F4L QR generator. You will see a page with the title, “Welcome to F4L QR code generator.
  • Click on the URL tab and add any URL one the field space provided.
  • Press the generate button. This will create a QR code for your business.
  • Simply go on to the download green button to download the QR code. You can use it anywhere you want.
  • Click on the vCard tab after the URL tab and enter all the data concerning the QR code such as name, address, phone number, and website that are requested to be filled. This will allow you to share your details with others. You will no longer need to send them a text or WhatsApp them your card link. Once you have made your F4L card, add the link to the website space provided.
  • Click on the generate blue button and save the QR code. Proceed and click on the green download button.
  • You can now upload or connect it to your digital card.
  • If you want to automate email notifications coming to you, click on the next tag, that is, the email tab on the QR code generator page after the vCard tab. Enter your email, subject of the mail, and message. It will send an email from the person’s phone. Click on the generate button and then on the download green button.
  • To automate SMS text messages to someone from their phone, go to the SMS/TXT tab after the email tab and fill in the phone number and message field. Then, click on the generate button. Move your cursor to the right and press the download button.
  • To automate login to your Wi-Fi, go to the Wi-Fi connect tab. Click on it and fill in the details such as Wi-Fi type, password, and SSID. Click on the generate button. Go ahead and click on the download button.
  • If you want someone to send you money using the payment platform, PayPal, go to the PayPal tab. Click on it and fill in the data required such as payment type, email currency, price, and others. Locate the generate button and click on it. Then press the download button.
  • With this, you have created your free F4L QR code using our QR code generator. It is that easy and simple. Probably, you might be wondering what to do or how to use your created QR code.

How to use the F4L QR code

You can use your created QR code on different business-related materials. Some of the ways you can use it for your business include:

  • QR your business or company’s card

With your QR code generated with our F4L QR code generator, you can give your customers more than the normal blend business card that contains your contact details. Make use of the QR code and add more details about yourself instead of just address, name email, phone number, and title. A QR code can contain more information than a local barcode. With your QR code, your website link, social network platforms, survey, and review sites of your business can be added. This will show your potential customers you are aware of their busy schedule and you want to make business-related issues easier for them. By just having the QR code scanned with their smartphone, every of your information can easily be saved in their contact.

  • QR your Business Print Publicity and Advertisements

You need to promote more about your company by showing how dedicated you are towards waste reduction. With a QR code, your customers and the public can see your product videos, “call me or buy now” pages. With this in place, tracking the traffic that comes from your print advertising is possible. This helps you know where to do more.

  • QR your Company’s Invoices and Stationery
It is inevitable to make mistakes. However, everyone wants to correct a mistake easily and without pain. To make correction easy for yourself and customers, a QR code included on your company’s item will do this when it is connected to the customer’s review site for user guides, and contact number. So, even if someone buys your product and travels far from you, it will be easy for him to access you.
  • QR Your Programs and Events

You can make use of QR codes on different program materials and include a map, e-ticket, handouts, travel directions, and other important information needful to your guest.

Final Thought

The importance of QR codes towards business growth can’t be understated. With it, you are solving lots of problems and making your business information and service or events easily accessible. The good news is creating your QR code is easy with our F4L QR code generator. Visit our website now and have yours created immediately.

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Make your QR code for your business or events today with our F4L QR code generator. It is easy to do without any ambiguous step. 

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