With daily growth in technology, a digital card which is a cloud-based card is gradually taken over a plastic card. Unlike the physical card, everything is hosted online on a digital card. A digital card doesn’t require any app. It works on different digital devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets. With a digital card, you can choose how you want your customers to interact with you. A digital card can contain your contact information, every of your social network platforms, survey sites in one place. The importance can’t be overemphasized. Probably you have been looking for how to create your digital card to start your business transaction. This is the reason for this article. In this article, you will learn how to use our F4L website to create your own personal or business card. It’s simple, easy, and quick.


How to Create a Personal and Business Digital Card

Follow these steps today to create your digital business card using our website http://www.f4l.me: 

  • From our website, go to the menu bar. Click on my account button. Different options will come out such as my listing, autoresponder, my card, add a personal card, etc.
  • Click on either the personal card or the business card button. Go to the basic info tab.
  • A new page will open showing you spaces to enter information about the card you want to create or make. Add all the details such as card name, card type, the name which will appear on the top of your card, title (your title like a doctor, etc.), email, phone, address, etc. on the button on this page.
  • On the button bar, you will see several available options. You can select the call me option or call us option which will appear on the card as well as go to the phone number that you want.
  • You can also select the custom text and name it whatever you want such as but my merchandise, Amazon, etc.
  • Look for the save button and click on it.
  • Every change will appear on the right-hand side of your digital card.
  • Go to the custom background tab which can be one image, many sliding images, video, or website.
  • To add only one image, you have to select an image and click on the blue upload background image button. Then, upload a good image from your personal computer.
  • Adjust the image to your taste and save the image by clicking on the crop image button.
  • If on the other hand, you want to upload more than one image using the sliding image function, click the slider on the custom tab, a new blue button will appear.
  • Click on this blue button and also click on the next blue open tab that shows.
  • Click on the upload button and select one picture from your personal computer. Crop the picture you selected. To save, click on the submit button.
  • Repeat this process until you have selected as many pictures as you want for your sliding picture. However, the maximum picture you can select or use is twelve.
  • You can now rearrange the pictures you have selected. To do this is simple. Just change the order or position of the pictures by dragging and dropping them. If there is any picture you mistakenly select or want to remove, click on it and then on the remove button.
  • When you are done and satisfied, proceed by clicking on the save rearrange image now button.
  • To see what your changes have done to the digital card look, save the card again and the new pictures you selected will appear on the card on the right-hand side.
  • If you want the card to upload the video, you should choose vimeo and add the current link of the video you selected. Go on and click on the save button.
  • Clicking on the save button will create a video card. 
  • If you want to upload a website on your digital card, select the website, add the whole URL in the space and save. The change will reflect on the right side of your digital card.
  • There are other websites you can add to your digital card. A commercial website like Facebook doesn’t allow you to connect your card to their website. As early mentioned, some websites allow that.
  • You can also add your logo. To do this, click on the upload logo button and select your logo from your personal computer.
  • To save the changes, click on the crop red button.
  • Look below the page and locate the save changes button and press it.
  • Be patient as the card updates.
  • Now, leave the basic info tab and click on the social tab, still on our F4L website. Here, you can connect all your applications and websites to the button of each card. Only 10 slots are available at the button of each card.
  • You will see a fast click menu at the top that will take you to the different sessions of your choice. You will also see a help icon button with a question mark as its inscription symbol at each bar. Click on it if you need any help with each bar.
  • Add the URL of your social media platforms such as Instagram etc. Use your Instagram username for the Instagram option, your Twitter link for the Twitter option, doc link for your documents. You can create a Google doc page and use the link for the document option or space. Put the other URL or username for other social network platforms remaining like YouTube etc.
  • Save the changes at the bottom of the page. It will update and you can now move to the next stage or tab – the personal tab.
  • Click on the personal tab beside the basic info and social tab. Here, you can add the software you want. You can add software like track and trace software, call waiter software, call assist system, etc. You can activate the software and allow the icon to show on your digital card. Also, you may not want it to show or don’t want it to be activated. You can also add your CV. If you don’t have any, you got no problem. Make use of our F4L website builder to create one. Then copy the link and past.
  • Fill up every other option. This is a personal choice. So if you want to add your YouTube link, Facebook messenger link, etc., add them all. You can as well connect your digital card to any review and survey site that you want such as AWeber, MailChimp, get a response, and others.
  • Go to the next button and add your appointment URL. You can activate it if you want.
  • You can also add your menu link. If you don’t have any, make use of our F4L website building software to create one for yourself. Copy the menu URL after creating and paste. Click on the show all menu to activate the menu on the digital card.
  • There is also a space for an SMS option if you want to be receiving messages. If you do not want, select the no option.
  • Go to the next button below and activate your email if only you want. Once you have your email activated by clicking on yes activate, the icon will appear on the digital card. Leave and don’t activate your mail if you don’t want to. No email icon will appear on the card.
  • There are three drop down blue tabs you will see. These blue tabs allow you to choose the color you want your digital card to have on its up and down interface. The middle drop down tab functions differently. Use it if you want the top and bottom of your card to have the same color. Click on it, select the color you want.
  • The next tab you will see is for the QR code. If you select the show on card option, use the upload QR code to upload any QR code you have on your personal computer and save it. If you don’t have any QR code, use our QR code maker and create yours to use. It’s easy to do so. 
  • You can go through each tab under the personal tab over again and save the changes if you are satisfied. Your digital card is complete and ready for use.
  • You can now taste if the functions of your digital card are working.

Final Thought

The importance of having a personal or business digital card for your business or personal use can’t be overemphasized. With a digital card, you can connect to your social media or network platforms, review and survey sites, and lots more. You can add your software such as track and trace software, call waiter software, and others. This will make your daily business easier, better and faster. The good news is creating your digital card is not a difficult thing to do. We have made the steps towards achieving this easily. This is made possible using our F4L website. You don’t need to download any application for you to get started now. What are you waiting for? Boost your business growth by creating your digital card.

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Create the digital card you have always wanted to have from our website http://www.f4l.me to boost your business and life. It is easy and fast. 

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