About FUSION FREE Digital Business Cards

We are FUSION FREE Digital Business Cards and our aim is to offer EVERYONE the opportunity to have 2 FREE business or personal digital cards.

Gurjit lakhan

Q – So how did this all come about?

An Idea was born For improving communications

One day talking with my sister Susan a great public speaker, asked me if there was a better way to swap details when meeting people as she had too many apps to share?

I too, also agreed saying we needed a better more flexible solution for our shop business too. Disappointed with what we found online with many limitations or not flexible in their approach or just too expensive, we decided to make our own.

After some discussions with our developer and very clever software programmer Kevin, an all-inclusive future proof digital video card platform idea was born. What a way to share everything with everyone everywhere which we can add any platform too not matter what the future brings.

Fundamentally we meet people, and we swap details, this just makes It much easier and faster. No matter if you meet someone in the real world or even need a BioLink for Instagram or TikTok, fusion digital business cards has it covered.

We also have a contact/enquiry form should you wish to contat us plus, ew also have a dedicated support system online 24/7.


We all agreed that we created an idea that could potentially benefit many people around the world. It would be able to benefit small start-ups with cost reduction and reduce their carbon footprint, by saving millions of trees.

Both small and large business would not need to buy business cards anymore. We are all trying to recycle and go electric with our cars and having younger children I am believer in what we do today should leave a better tomorrow for them and future generations,

So although we could have donated the money as we had to charities and which we still do, we decided to spend the money to develop this software and as it hasn’t been done before this way.

It has taken hundreds of failures and then small wins and tweaks to get it right and tens of thousands of pounds of investment to make it work and even today it still takes investment to make it run for everyone. Basically we bootstrapped this ourselves to help everyone.

Roi in terms of payback and pay it forwards

We thought we can help small business save between £100 -£1000 a year on business cards we would only have to help several thousand people around the world and help these small business owners on their journeys to business success.

If we could help a 1000 people to save a £1000 we save a million £ and so many trees. They may in turn help by paying I forwards when they start making t money in there local communities.


I remember every time I started a business there is so little real financial help when I started. Even now there is next to no help in launching or building anything, so its left to for some to create for the greater good.

So, if fusion digital business cards can help others succeed, then we have succeeded. Let me explain, if for example a small business can reduce its costs and make more money, then it will help them grow and then potentially employ more people which then helps those people, and it gets paid forward.

If you don’t pay for any business cards with us for a decade you could save £10000 that is enough for a deposit on a house in some places.

About me

Having trained and worked in the NHS and then run physiotherapy clinics, retail pawnbrokers and many internet websites including Seo and property business and now software and several other ventures in between some winning well same failing.

One thing was common theme in them all we needed business cards to swap details with other people. The card has made my life easier when swapping details and especially the google maps button, now people just click through the link in the card and its all set to come to the house/business.

As a serial entrepreneur this life this journey some of is about what we learn, and what we can share and serve, so this software is our pay it forwards to all.

What are we doing now?

What is the Future for fusion? and how can we serve and help others- for any of the services below email our team and we can have chat, on zoom or in person and see what we can do .

We are always available for new opportunities and our main business continue and we have skilled team with 30 years of business experience in so many areas.

We now can help not only design clever websites, but can build software solutions, perhaps an idea you have and want made into reality We can make bespoke videos with voiceovers, rank your websites too so much more.

We can make these current software solutions for new clients these are broadly made already but will need to be made bespoke to your requirements.

Call waiter software for your company – call waiters to your tables only using websites.

Call assist software – call anyone in any location in your warehouse or shopping centre all through the internet.

Customer and staff login check in – tracking software for business and hospitals , – lets you know when your next appointment has arrived and logs people in and out of work with hours calculated for staff for wages.

Have your own website builder made (like blocks Wix) then make as many sites as you want too in the future.

Your own QR code maker like ours, we can make you one on your own domain and make as many for your clients as you want.

Appointment service website where you or a staff member can get appointments made and also sell services.

Virtual queuing software – is made and running, but we can make software like this under your brand.

If you want a white label version of the Fusion card perhaps you are large organisation and want your own version under your own brand, we totally understand that, so call ask and let’s have chat about it.

We have in house video editor and small movie maker and are able to voice over as well.

So as you can see, we might be able to offer you something just email in with your thoughts or your ideas.

We happy to sign and nda if your idea is precious to you before speaking otherwise hop on the phone, let us know what can be done.

So from me and the team we hope you do well and email us your enquiries.

FREE Digital Business Cards Intelligent Software

Firstly our FREE digital business card allows you to create a bio link for yourself or business.  Secondly it can be used for any sales forces, influencers, MLM marketers, videographers, e-sport gamers, musicians, actors, models, radio and TV companies and naturally SO MUCH MORE!

Click any image below for FULL DETAILS.

Image Slider with Smart Galleries
Instantly Add to Contacts with 1 click
Contact/enquiry forms & Website Links
Upload Docs & Accept Online Payements
Integrated Google Maps & Directions
Create Full Video Digital Cards
Video Chat & Video Conferencing

Explore our Enterprise Grade Virtual Solutions with FUSION FREE Digital Business Cards

In addition any business large or small such as restaurants, bars, hotels, banks, schools, government, casinos, nail bars, gyms and more can benefit.  Consequently with our pro softwares will help you gain and retain customers and even a larger social presence.

Take a scroll down to see all amazing features, this is going to blow your mind!.

UNLIMITED Image slider with Smart Galleries to use on ALL FREE Digital Business Cards

digital business card images

1: Activate 2: Upload images 3:Save

  • Upload UNLIMITED images
  • Easy/Simple Gallery Control
  • Auto “Crop to Fit” Cards
  • Rearrange images in any order
  • Delete unwanted images
  • Touch swipe enabled for any phone
  • Slides BEHIND all icons and logos.

Quick & Easy Add to Contacts

free contactless digital business card

Share your details directly from inside YOUR FREE Digital Business Cards

Add, Save, DONE!

This is the QUICKEST and EASIEST way
to share your contact details.
Specifically with ANYONE viewing your digital business card.

After that sharing your details is a breeze.

Time taken? 10 seconds!!

EASY Contacts/Enquiry Forms & Websites Links

free contactless digital business card

Collect, use, store data, details, enquiries and more with our
INTELLIGENT data collection form therefore, most importantly enabling you to track visitors, enquiry details and more.

Add ANY website/url INCLUDING, for example menus, ebay/Amazon pages etc
to the GLOBE icon

Connect to EVERYTHING to EVERYWHERE all from one place.

digital business cards social media connections

A massive collection of YOUR Social Media Platforms available and furthermore all with a few clicks and ALL IN ONE PLACE.

Likewise ALL YOUR Gaming, Sites, Accounts, Diaries, Bookings, video platforms, review sites and more are now ALL IN ONE PLACE.

Create your Unique and Amazing Bio Link.


digital business cards built in google maps

Google Maps, GPS, Places and Directions
BUILT IN to ANY of your cards hece easy to access!

Can be used additionally with Google Maps App
and similarly Google Maps on the Web.

Useful for individuals or Businesses who need to give
family/friends or customers after that instant directions to their location!

Multi-function IMAGE & VIDEO Digital Card Backgrounds

free digital business cards
digital business cards

Use FULL SCREEN single image backgrounds and in the same vein FULL SCREEN image sliders. 

Beside that you have galleries and even Youtube, Vimeo or self hosted vertical video backgrounds.

In short you only limited by your imagination on ANY digital business card backgrounds.

Create Full Video Digital Business Cards It’s the Future!

Naturally fit ANY Background you can imagine

In fact insert ANY background onto your FREE Digital Business card you can think of…

Images, Photos, LIVE Websites, YouTube/Youtube Channel and Vimeo or even self hosted videos.

And of course even 360 VR walkthroughs Tours of properties, great for ANY business espcially Estate/Real Estate Agents.


Built in video Chat & Conferencing

Video chat with FREE digital business cards

It’s just Like Being There!

Of course we all know video chat is essential these days.

Therefore you can now work from home, chat to friends, take video conference calls.

All with our BUILT IN
Zoom and Skype video chat

Accept Payments & Upload Documents

Accept payment using f4l digital business cards

Link to MANY Document Types

WHEREVER you have uploaded your documents simply add the url/website address such as Google Docs, DropBox links to the  i  icon for invoices, pdf’s etc and you are certainly set!

Accept Payments online

So Yes, that’s correct, accept payments by simply adding your secure payment link from PayPal, Stripe or ANY other payment service you are using to the £ icon and accept payments at the tap of a button!

QR CODE Generator

qr codes for your free digital business cards

Create many types of QR Codes

Fill in a few boxes, hit GENERATE, Download to use on ANY advertising materials you wish.

Moreover you can add to ANY FREE Digital Business cards you create, social media, banners, any advertising and moreover, in just a few clicks!

build pro websites for your digital business cards

Mobile Ready!

Add your own website, CV/Resume using our FREE CV Builder to demonstrate professionalism.

In the meantime you can add your new or old website and CV/Resume to ANY FREE Digital Business Cards you make!